Are you a lover?

Oh the lover who boasts about the love of the Lord
Why these lustful gazes upon other than Its love?

Be estranged seeking and knowing the world
If yearning to get the heart acquainted with Al-Haqq

Skies hubble-bubble boiling with the heat
Of that regret-filled moment when you called your Rabb

 The dominion of the Paradise yours, renouncing the world
While sacrificing yourself at the steps of the poor

One prostration enough for approval of the Majesty
If you leave the arrogance and divorce the Riaa

For all the blessings offer your gratitude
Genuine thankfulness upholding the covenant of the Lord

Likeness of a day, that night shall turn bright
If with utter humiliation begging like a beggar at the door of the Sobhan (Sultan)


© 2003-2002,  Dariush Gholizadeh