Few words about the nature of love, according to the tradition of destiny’s sudden incidents, on my tongue timely dictated. Describing the mirror of beloved reflecting upon every lover. Although loftiness of love is above and beyond the grasp of mind, cognition and speech, one still can roam the perimeter[1]  of It’s Glory and Majesty to gaze upon the beauty of Its Truth.

Its dignity, infinitely magnified by the Hijab(cloak) that curtains It away from all. And the extreme of Its Perfection and Completeness is unique and singular. Its attributes[2]  are like a cloak. Its essence and existence encapsulates[3]  these attributes. And Glory is in love with Its Beauty and Beauty encapsulates Its Glory.

Eternally in love with Itself…

And associates with none but Itself…

Every moment pulls the début curtain away from loving anew[4]

Every breath for the sake of loving begins a new soothing song[5]

Midst the curtains
The Love’s orchestra
Playing the instruments
Where is the lover to hear the songs?
Every breath a different rhythm
Every moment’s wound gashed anew[6]
Entire cosmos is Its soothing sound
Who has ever heard such a prolonged tune?
Its secrets exposed to the universe
The sound maker never keeps stealth
Hear Its secret on every particle's tongue
Since I only talk the gossip, hushed

In all times, on all tongues, Its secrets divulged to Its own Hearing…

Every moment, in each ear, Its own words heard by Its own voice…

Its own Beauty, rendering to Its own vision…

Every short-lived radiating glance renders to every face Its existence… And hear Its legend from me…

Want to know what Its saying to my ears:

My love is in both worlds
Though my whereabouts
                                    Not manifest!
My creative brilliance
Left my traces
                                    Not manifest!

My luring beauty hunting in both worlds
If you could comprehend
My bow and arrow
                                    Not manifest!

I appear like a lustrous sun
To the face of each particle
Infiniteness of appearance
Left my presence
                                    Not manifest!

On every tongue I speak
In every ear I listen
Though my ear and tongue
                                    Not manifest!

Since every existence in universe
Indeed myself
Likeness similar to my like
                                    Not manifest!

Know that in each enlightening lesson there is a guiding secret.
Call it Ethiopia or call it love… this is what I am talking about.


[1] When you behold the face of a loved one, or something of beauty, you are dwelling at outer circumference of Its Beauty.  If you are truthful in all aspects of daily life, then you observe the absolute Beauty through the ones you love and cherish. If you are not truthful your heart shall be broken again and again by loss, until such time truth becomes your eyes! And truth will blind you so you see nothing but beauty. That is the beauty of the truth, truth shall not make you free, instead truth shall make you beautiful! And indeed this truth shall morph your loved ones into a conduit as though they are a mirror reflecting Its Majestic Beauty.

[2] Creator cannot directly be accessed, touched, seen or heard. It has hidden Itself from viewing as long as this universe exists. Araqi is telling us that Creator is cloaked by a shroud which is made up of Its attributes e.g. kindness, generosity. Only this curtain could be touched or felt or heard… When food placed in front of you, you are smelling and seeing the sustenance shroud, attribute of the Creator for Its loving ability and immense kindness to feed all. Behind this curtain, is the real One hidden by all means possible.

[3] A contradiction to mortal minds, the cloak of attributes that shrouds the Creator is nothing more than the extension of Its deep essence and existence. This is a curtain that hides It and the same curtain is formed from within Itself.

[4] How many times, you have drowned in the sea of frustration and laid still at the bottom sands… feeling… believing that you are not loved… never shall love find its way to you!? Araqi points out that every moment the curtains are pulled away from a new/fresh flux of love that hits the universe like a monsoon! Why is that slightest change of weather impacts you or faint rays of sun burn you but the continuum typhoon of love unleashed anew each and every second passes you by unnoticed?

[5] Look at the picture on this page? A small tiny portion of sky previously thought totally black totally empty was probed with most sensitive satellite telescopes. Results surprised even the most learned men in astronomy. No matter where one points the machines to scan the heavens, each direction is sprinkled with millions upon millions of gigantic celestial constructions. Practically thrown around like they are flowers in a field. I asked myself why? Why so many structures? Answer I found with Araqi: It is in love with Itself and all things It creates… It loves us and the creation around us so much that It eternally creates non-stop with passion and enthusiasm worthy attribute of a lover who is in love with all things. That which It did not love… never was! We cannot imagine something that It did not love, because that thing would have never entered our mind. Araqi narrates this to us a like song that each breath sings fresh for the sake of loving i.e. all these incredible heavenly structures each a passionate edict by the perpetual love of the BeLoved…

[6] There is no love not even a trace of it, if it does not come with heartache!? No way! Any love any amount is accompanied like a persistent permanent shadow by the hurt of the heartache. Araqi describes this wound in our hearts, like lesions gashed second by second aching deep inside us. If you do not love someone and they left town forever, you feel no pain. If you truly loved someone and they left you behind, the pain in your chest shall spread from the follicles of hair to the tip of the toenails. This pain is the fuel that makes a human being do actions to turn the feelings of love (inside the heart) into an outwardly truthful proof of this love. And if you look at your life carefully, it is shaped by actions since childhood taken to avoid or alleviate heartache. All your other remaining actions, to your own admittance were a waste of your life. A Sufi who is in love with the Beloved suffers from the ultimate heartache of being away from the Creator and all his actions are the consequences of this aching, all his worship and meditation is to reduce this pain.


© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda