Lesson 10

Eternal manifestation is the attribute of the BeLoved. And concealment (hiding to ambush) is the attribute of the lover [1]. Because the face of the BeLoved appears in the mirror of the lover [2] and in fact, Self-Manifestation becomes an Edict from the BeLoved and in the matter of langue 'manifestating' and 'being-present/seen' are similar words:

Begat my mother her father such shocking matter
And my father an old man under the surrogates’ care [3]

Precisely here “I” and “us” come about, “you” and “it/he/she” uncovered [4]. As long as the lover presented with the reflection of the Beloved’s beauty in the mirror of shapes and faces then: Pleasure intermixes with pain, happiness with sorrow, fear and hope circling around, depravation and expansion contiguously wide spread. But if the garment of shapes and physical designs undressed and thefore the lover in the ocean of One-ness buoy: Lover has no consciousness about suffering or bliss, not cognizant of hope or anxiety, not knowing fear and aspiration, no past no future. The lover is drowned in the past-less/future-less ocean, collectively lain in present-tense waving over present (again and again in present-tense):

Anyone falling into this salty marsh shall be lost in It

I know not other than this tumultuous salty sea [5]

Moreover the absence of fear is attributed to the Hijab (cloak) or Lack thereof. Because Hijab is a barrier between two things but HERE (ocean of One-ness as above) [6] there is no possibility other than only One and lover fears not the pulling of the Hijab, fear of lack of Hijab is for someone that dreads the august luster and splendor of the Majesty burning him, "One that is fire, how can it be burnt? [7]”:

Non-existence is the same for Kaabah and synagogue [8]
Shadow is the same for hell and paradise

When the dawn breaks escape the stars [9]
Equal are the drunk and the sober alike

Once the person beholds his own self’s essence clear
What acceptance and rejection? What good and evil?

Light burns not the light, but it would intermix with it. Therefore One-ness is not to be feared, no hope no bliss no suffering. Once Abu-Yazid was asked, “How is your morning?” he responded, “There is no morning or evening with me”:

The place where I am, no dawn or dusk
No hope or fear, no status or rank

“Indeed dawn and dusk is for the one who worships the (physical) attributes and I find/own no attributes with me”.

[1] Lover whether wants or not, with or without volition, always is in a hiding, poised to prance upon the Beloved. You sense that within you, constantly yearning to love something with immense measure. And when you find no physical being for that purpose, you search to love abstract concepts e.g. bravery, political convictions.

[2] A flower loves the Creator/BeLoved and it is this love that brings it to live to push through the soil towards its love! And at the same time this flower is also a mirror reflecting the love and beauty of the Creator upon all eyes. Self-Manifestation or the Creator to reflect off the lover like a mirror can be heard from Hadith Qudsi 25:

” …"... My servant continues to draw near to Me with supererogatory (extra) works so that I shall love him. When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks…”

Narrated by Bukhari. Many ignorant people called Araqi a Kafir (disbeliever) because he talks about Allah manifesting It Self through creation and in specific human beings. And indeed the Prophetic Langue has room for such expressions of Orf (getting deeply to know someone/BeLoved).

[3] This poem expresses the ‘confusion’ of the cosmos, which we human beings have made non-ambiguous through our ignorance. Araqi narrates, that he is no different that his father, so his father was begotten by Araqi’s mother and under the breasts of the surrogate mothers was his father or it was Araqi no difference. This poetic expression is to emphasize the meaning of the Hadith Qudsi above: If someone loves the Creator, then person’s limbs become Allah, his ears become Allah. These are poetic Prophetic expressions. They do not mean that Allah becomes a hand for someone! During the Prophet’s life the Arabs spoke through metaphors on all subjects and this is a metaphor left for us through the Nabi PBUH. Araqi merely attempts to awaken the hearts for us. Araqi screams into our eyes: Hey! If you do not love Allah, then your hand is a hand, if you love Allah your hand is Allah like a mirror reflecting. May Allah give me a sublime language to explain this more… INSHALLAH

[4] Man is the source which manufactures "I vs. you"… the ambiguity that rules the universe like the wave-particle ambiguity, into a precise and absolute "I vs. you". Araqi many hundreds of years ago looked deep inside him and saw there is no "I vs. you" or "I vs. us". This ambiguity he sees as a subtle hint towards the Creator. This ambiguity is what making the universe not detached from the Creator.

[5] Araqi makes a great point: When there is love there is always loss. Where there is pleasure there is also suffering, the pleasure of a child comes with the pain of mother’s delivery. There is life filled with sweetness and then the bitter taste of death. He is telling us that it is we that make these things apart; in reality they are dissolved into one thing! Which the term One-ness comes from. Like all swimming and living in a salty sea.

[6] Hijab or cloak is what separates things from each other. Once this Hijab is tore down things are not separate like before, fuzzy mixed into each other and it is then/when the Sufi sees all things clear and prepares to behold the BeLoved Creator.

[7] Araqi uncovers a gem: We fear to see the majesty of the Creator and that is why out of this fear of self-imposed ignorance we tend to separate things from each other i.e. we drop a Hijab (cloak) between ourselves and the Creator. The one who loves the Beloved Creator like a fire is not afraid of being burnt itself, is able to behold and draw closer to his or her Creator/designer with no conscious or unconscious fear.

[8] Kaabah is the first house of worship presently in Makkah Saudi Arabia. The act of 'being' for Makkah and another non-Islamic temple is the same and so is their destruction and non-existence. It is 'us' that make the distinction.

[9] When the sun rises its light overcomes the light of the night stars or so we think. Those stars are still there but we cannot see them since we use the Sun as a Hijab (cloak) to not see. But think for a second, the Sun is itself yet another star perhaps smaller than the other night stars!? Similarly, one who is dunk consider the sober as drunk but in reality it is the same human being drunkenness makes no difference. Again a cloak we place on a person to make partitions.

Background: Double Slit Experiment

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