Lesson 11

There is no union between the face and the mirror [1], no dissolving under any circumstances.

Dissolving and union (becoming one) cannot be incubated into two separated beings. In all beings other than once essence can be witnessed:

The essence is One but the edicts so many
And precious is this secret uncovered

The one uncovering the secrets beholds copious commands and edicts but not in the essence or the source [2] (sees only one essence). The variation and fluctuation of commands does not affect the essence since the source is fully perfected thus impossible to change [3]. Light is rendered by the color of the crystal [4]. If you cannot comprehend what I am saying, come into my eyes and see for yourself:

The sun has shined on thousands of crystals
Thus has taken the color of each and every one

These are all one light but different colors
Differences between this and that has been thrown [5]

[1] The word Soorat has been used for form/shape, which is an Arabic word for physical shaping and design. In Farsi Soorat also means face and I believe Araqi means the face usage. Araqi narrates that a face in front of a mirror can never be united or dissolved with/into the mirror. They are two separate things and can never be united, though the mirror reflects some instance of shape of the face. In the same fashion, as if the Face of the Creator was in front of a mirror, then we see infinite reflections of this Face but the reflections are not the Face "It Self" and the reflection can never be united with the Face. Our thoughts and imaginations about the Creator are reflections of Its Face upon our brain cells! A flower is a reflection of Allah’s Face upon the microbiological mechanisms (the mirror). Remember: “Allah is the Light of Heavens and Earth” what we see is the light reflected not Allah.

[2] A flower is an ensemble of microbiological and physical processes and objects (edicts and commands), which serve as a mirror reflecting the Light of the Creator, like a face placed in front of the mirror. Though the edicts and commands are copious (many microbiological components) there is only once Face! i.e. The essence or the source. The word ‘Dhat’ in Arabic has been used.

[3] Edicts and commands can infinitely vary like millions of mirrors made from millions of pieces of reflecting crystals, but there is One Face, though we see infinite reflections.

[4] These reflections of the One Face (Dhat) or the source, take the color of the reflecting surface and thus we see all kinds of colors for the same light and the same One Face.

[5] All our differences arguments and fights and wars and skirmishes are over nothing, since the source is the reflection of the Face of the Creator over the mirror of this universe. We argue over different colors of the same light reflected off of different crystals and because of that we bomb millions of people or pass laws enslaving millions of people or destroy the natural resources of this planet to focus on one particular idea (reflection of the same light source).

© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda