Lesson 12

Upon whomever the gates of this truth is opened for [1] and in the serene chambers of existence and non-existence the self presides, and beholds one’s self and the Beloved in the mirror of each other [2], no more travel, the voyage has ended:

The mirror of the face from the attributes afar [3]
This festal gala thrown by the face for the light [4]

Self cannot leave these serene chambers behind. There is no estrangement possible [5]; the path ends here, no seeking left, anxiety subsides [6], ambitions subdued [7], all metaphors and paradigms are dissolved [8], there are no sides since there is no beginning or end, and here the Owner of the serenity says all this:

I forsook, what was not by us desired, alone
And if it was other than I, its existence void

Yes! Indeed if after this there is a voyage, it is within It and Its attributes. When Abu Yazid heard this Koranic verse [19:85],” The day We shall resurrect/gather the righteous to ((Allah)) Most Gracious, like a delegation/band presented before a king for honors” and he screamed and asked, “How can what was already with It be resurrected?” [9] Someone else said:”From the attribute of Al-Jabbar (Strong Powerful) to Ar-Rahman (Beneficent) and from Al-Qahar (Omnipotent and conqueror) to Ar-Rahim (Merciful)” [10]

[1] These gates are opened by Allah for whom It desires so. Be not arrogant thinking that there is something you are doing or saying or wearing or writing that shall cause the opening for you.

 [2] I assume still at this stage the man is biologically alive and has reached a lofty position to be in such serenity. For that reason of still being alive, Creator is still looked upon from the reflection of a mirror i.e. no direct view or contact.

[3] Attributes are attributes of Allah like Ar-Rahman meaning the Most Beneficent. We and all things around us are a mirror for these attributes to reflect from. Araqi says the mirror i.e. this world far from the Creator’s attributes.

[4] All this we see is a feast thrown by the Face of Allah for Its own Light, so the Light would reflect off the mirrors for us to see.

[5] You can not make yourself leave these lofty chambers since there is no such feeling or capability to be estranged from someone or something, while there. No such meaning.

[6] When you are stressed out and crushed under the pressure, it is as if you are asked, “Don’t you want to be in the serene chambers of your Creator alone, away from all this?” That is what you are told via stress.

[7] No more ambitions, you are not seeking anything and nothing seeks you. The best!

[8] No more words or imagery all gone for the most part. They serve no purpose here.

[9] This is the bewilderment that is necessary for a Sufi to exist, like the need for oxygen. I know it is the case for people to be resurrected but how can that be if they are already with Allah. In Farsi or Arabic this is not a question!? this is a form of expressing one’s wonder about something or someone. This verse from Koran is used to describe what Araqi means by voyage within the Creator's attributes.

[10] Again bewilderment: How is It both Most Beneficent and a Conqueror defeating all enemies and powers? This is not a question the Sufi asked, this is an expression of admiration and adoration for Allah.

Background: Neuron cells. A mirror upon which the Light of Allah reflects and becomes our thoughts.

© 2003-2002,  By Dara Shayda