Lesson 2

Sultan of love willed to peg a tent in Sahara, opened the vault of reserves splurged and sprinkled treasures all over the universe:

Grabbed the kingly canopy, held the flag
So It threw raucous in existence and non-existence
Anxiety of an exciting love
Universe steered in troubles

Otherwise the universe was resting with its realms i.e. existence and non-existence in private chambers of eyewitness where “there was Allah and no one else”:

When there was no trace of both worlds
On tablet of existence no scribbles of strangers
Beloved, love and us were all together
In an un-crowded corner where the world was none

Suddenly restless love, to manifest Its perfection, pulled away the curtains to débuted Its Beloved’s Face enticing the eyes of the lover:

Its lustrous ray once became manifest
The universe in one breath became visible
Its beauty painted all visions, that saw
The beauty of Its face with maddest love
Sweet covenant made upon on your lips
Once finding Its love, to speak aloud

Luster of Its beauty enlightened the "eye" of the lover, which we call the world, since that light made Its beauty visible. Without Itself no one can behold It. The lover once enjoyed the pleasure of this visualization and tasted the sweetness of existence, murmurs of the word “Be” it heard, dancing and frolic in winery of love ran and said:

Oh cupbearer serve that wine which is my heart and religion
Pour brimful a goblet since it’s the sweet life of mine
If there is a religion for drinking wine
In love with wine drinking is my religion

Cupbearer in one split second poured such a wine pressed from grapes of non-existence into the goblet of existence that:

Purity of wine and elegance of goblet
Mixed the goblet with eternity
You may say its all goblet and no wine
Or its eternity and no goblet
As soon as the air colored by the sun
Wore the dark garment of the dusk
Day and night made peace at last
The affairs of the world in full order

The dawn of manifestation breathe anew, the sun of attentive affection rose, the breeze of guidance blew, the ocean of existence in waves, the clouds of generosity monsooned on the earth of supplications since “….”, the lover satiated with water of life, awakened from the sleep of non-existence, wore the garment of existence, placed the hat of eyewitness on the head, tightened the belt of desire, stepped into the path of want.


© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda