Lesson Three

Love only saw Itself’s beauty but wanted in a mirror of Its Beatitude to have a lover to study It and admire It with eyes gazing upon this mirror. It loves Its own Face and It threw the raucous of “Loves them and they love Him”[1] in the universe, once you look upon this world.

The Painter is deep into Its own Painting
There is no one else in this midst
So just be content your own self, lone

Moon is the mirror of the sun. There is nothing of the essence of sun in the moon, only a reflection, hence the mirror. [2]

Every design on the canvas of existence
It’s solely the face of the Painter
The old ocean if it brings a new wave
People say: “wave” but it’s really the same ocean

There are many manifestations and states for the ocean. Once it breathes we call it fog or mist, condensed we call it clouds and if falls in droplets we call it rain and again they all join back to the same ocean.

If you want to be everything

Turn yourself towards It
Turn yourself towards you
And be absolutely nothing!

[1]   Koran Chapter 5 Al-Ma’idah (The Table Spread) verse 54

[2] Here Araqi wants to make it clear that what we see is the reflection of Allah’s beauty not Allah Itself. So a flower is the reflection of Creator’s beauty like the moon is the reflection of sun, just the same therefore the flower is not the Creator neither the moon is the sun

© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda