Lesson Four

Possessive ego of Beloved demands that the lover loves none other and depends on or needs none else:

Its possessiveness in the universe wiped all
With certainty, all in existence, a collective eye!

But human being loves nothing more than himself!? Perhaps you can conclude here who you really are?

When sun shines into a mirror, the mirror believes it is the sun! Certainly the mirror chose to love itself. Since all things, in their innate design and formation, tend to love themselves, so the reality of ‘Being like It” is like a sun, and all other things are a perfectly polish mirror. (Reflecting the self-love)

Deep within you, It loves Itself! And based on this you should know what: “Nothing loves Allah except Allah” means. And this again points to the validity of: ”Nothing but Allah beholds Allah” or “Nothing glorifies Allah except Allah”. And because of these Mustafa said: “Allah be the rejoice of my ears and eyes”, what is meant by “be the rejoice” is “You are my eyes and ears” as was said: “You are the best inheritor”.

Manifestation of these secrets, though sounds anew, it’s really a shame:

It spoke and It listened
On the Face that
It gestured and It beheld

Sheikh Jonaid said: “For past thirty years I am speaking with Almighty and people think that Jonaid is talking to them!?” . In the ears of Musa It heard, the words on the tongue of the tree that said:” I am indeed the Lord of all universe(s)”.

It tells the secrets and hears Its own
They have made us a mocked up escape goat


© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda