Lesson Five

Beloved in every mirror, every moment shows a different Face. Since the Face according to the law of the mirror, every moment changes and each change of this Face each breath changing the affairs and never stays the same:

In every mirror a different Face
Manifesting Its beauty every time
Renders the eve, sometime
Renders the Adam, some other time

This is why It never shows the same Face twice and in two different mirrors shows definitely two different Faces:

Since Its beauty has one hundred thousand Faces
In each particle It shows a different Face
Beyond doubt opened each particle
With the beauty of Itself, a different Face
Since ‘One’ is the real number
Accumulating problems, one after another

Certainly that is why every lover shows different sings, traces and description of It and each researcher uncovers a different aspect of It. Indeed all our talk is because of this:

Spectators behold your wonderful Face
From the realm of infinities afar
In your Face see indeed their own
This is how the difference made known

Do you know who in the audience is informed?(of this fact)

Those who browse carefully at their affairs (finances, relationship…) study to visualize the changes of Its Face and this important research leads to comprehension of what  Mustafa said:

Who comes to know one’s self, indeed came to know one’s Lord


© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda