Lesson Six

The end result of this affair is that lover would find the Beloved as a (personal) mirror and lover a mirror for Beloved (reflecting Its beauty):

Each moment gazing upon the facial purity of love
The entire universe truly rendered clear
Again if gazing upon the space of heart
Beholds the luring beauty of Its fine face, like a sun

Sometimes one is gazing sometimes the other. Sometimes one is dyed by the color of the other and sometimes one odoriferous with the fragrance[1] of the other:

Love is the colorful[2] hairdresser
That reveals the truth with colors
As soon as traps the love of one
Running the comb through the hair of another

Sometimes dresses the lover with the most precious gown tailored by Its own perfection, beautifully embroidered with the jewels of Its goodness and glamour. Until when It looks upon the lover sees the colors of Beloved (Its own), yes indeed sees Itself (radiating) totally through the lover (nothing of the lover left that is not beautiful and fine)

Some other times, wearing by Itself the garment of being-in-love, descending willingly from the greatness of prestige and glory to beseech the lover.

[1]Most Sufi poets describe the hints about the duality of the relationship between the lover and Beloved, as the fragrance. The scent has no source and no direction, thus describing the nature of this dual love, which in reality is a wonderful fragrance but the dual nature not obvious at all. Perhaps best described in the words of Picasso:
They don’t really understand. It’s not a reality that you can take in your hands. It’s more like a perfume in front of you, behind you, to the sides. The scent is everywhere, but you don’t quite know where it comes from.”(Rubin 1972)

[2] Color means crafty and tricky.


© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda