Lesson Seven

Love penetrates everything and envelops all things. How can love be denied, is there anything else other than love in existence? There is love and nothing else! If we see something in existence, the Beloved loved it to exist, indeed love is everything. Love is the essence of the Beloved. And since there are no means and possibilities of even beholding It, therefore our love affair with It propagates from one lover to another lover via human means of communicating and emoting.

Whomever you love, it is because you love Allah. And no matter what you are facing in your life, your are facing Allah, even though you know not!

Desires and love of the people eternally
It’s aimed at You, whether they know it or not
Other than You nothing can be loved
And love of others, redolent fragrance of You!

Nothing other than the Creator you can love, it is impossible. Because whatever is loved, whether it’s an innate love with no known cause or it’s due to some beauty and goodness, either way loving without It is out of question.

Know that behind the shroud of causality, the face of the loved ones are covered by a Hijab(cloak). The eyes of Majnoon[1] no matter how much enticed by the beauty of Leyli, however Leyli is no more than a mirror. For this reason Prophet MohammedPBUH said:

“The person who loves, forgives and gives excuses and died (in this state), died a martyrd” [3]

Majnoon’s vision of Leyli’s goodness is upon a beauty, which without It all things are hideous! Even if Majnoon understands not. “Indeed Allah is beautiful and loves the beauty”, without It there can be no possibility of beauty:

If nothing has created itself
Then where their beauty came from?

Since there is nothing truly manifest other than It, how else beauty be found? The eyes of Majnoon are gazing upon his own beauty in goodness of Leyli, and through her he loves himself:

The subject of love is you, since you
Perpetually gazing upon your own beauty

Therefore for Majnoon, there is no denial(to turn away from Leyli), since in the goodness of Leyli he beholds the absolute beauty:

Such exquisite tales of love you hear
Nothing like them under the sun
Hear not from children of Adam
Their call for absolute love
Since where the city of love is
Within no business for humans to mind

Everything that exists is a mirror reflection of Creator’s beauty. And therefore everything that is created by Allah by all means is beautiful. Every lover loves only himself or herself, because their beloved is only a mirror reflection of one’s own beauty. This was narrated from Prophet MohammadPeace Be Upon Him :

“A believer is like a mirror for another believer”[2]
And this saying explains all the above.

Go find eyes, since every particle of dust
A conduit to render the universe, once you gaze upon

  Leyli & Majnoon, are the equivalent story of Romeo and Juliet in Farsi. Their names are mentioned for extreme of love and affection between people. Leyli is the female and Majnoon the male.   

[2]  Sunan Abu Dawud, Kitab(41) Al-Adab (General Behavior)  number 4900 narrated by AbuHurayrah

[3] What? Martyred? How can a person who loves people and let their wrong passes by easily, be the same as a soldier who fought bravely and eventually slaughtered by an enemy? If you truly loved someone say a partner, a child or a friend, upon your love shall rain the tests and tribulations caused by their recklessness and wrong doings. Some days you may wish that you were in front of a machine gun or under a tank crushing your bones… to finish it today so the twinging drizzle of your heartache could cease. Any pain and suffering seems incomparable to what causes the sobbing explosions of your face. Therefore the reward for someone who can endure such pain, day in day out, from the love-partners, children, parents, neighbors, coworkers, governments… is like the reward of a martyr. But martyr is killed by an infidel enemy, then who is the enemy here? Your ego is the answer. You are martyred by your own ego, which brought all this betrayals, pain and difficulties. Indeed yourself, infidled by your own straying ego, slaughtered your true self who sees nothing but beauty in the same people inflicting you with pain. But this pain shall rain upon your heart eternally, unless and until such time when you see the true nature of the loved one i.e. cloaked by the means and mechanisms of this world, shrouded by the hideous betrayals and un-pleasantries, but once this Hijab removed you see them as a part of the everlasting beauty of the Creator, you prefer the beauty to ugliness, you forgive everyone and everything and propose even excuses, pain subsides, the sun of Its beauty rises from the east of benevolence and you and your ego cease to exist, hence martyred. You and your ego shall never battle again and shall never exist again. That day, fear and melancholy shall be forbidden for you, in this world and world after. That day your loved ones, dead or alive, next to you or away with others, will be proffered to you unconditionally and eternally.


© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda