Lesson Nine

Beloved is a mirror for lover, in It lover sees nothing but the self and lover is the mirror for Beloved, in it other than the formed/shaped names, attributes and uncovering of commands and edicts nothing else to be seen. And since the lover discovers that these names and attributes are Its similitude, beyond any doubt the lover says:

You bear witness for us that there is only one of You
In spite of names and attributes in multitude
And we bear witness that there is abundant number of us
Likeness of one mirror to many wondering eyes
The beautiful ever-new face of Yours, my looking glass
Although the real truth about I, am also your looking glass

Sometimes this is the mirror for that and sometimes vice-a-versa. When the Beloved is the mirror, the lover browses, in It lover sees one’s inner face and meaning. Perhaps lover may see something similar or identical to one’s resemblance, in actuality lover has seen the self with clarity. And if the lover’s eyes beholds a being shaped other than one’s self… has seen the Beloved via the eyes of the Beloved.

However if the lover is the mirror in physical form, a vessel, reflecting Its decree, edict and commands: “The color of liquid is the color of dye”. And this reflecting vessel is surrounded by, none other than, Beloved Itself: “But Allah does encompasses them from behind”.

Once the lover steps beyond the universe of this vessel/form, lover’s efforts yield only the attributes of Beloved, no longer (mechanically) bows to the Beloved since the shapes, designs and mechanisms of this vessel have dissolved away and lover beholds the Beloved with no need in any intermediaries: ”Indeed the truth is made manifest once the shapes and forms dissolved away”:

In narrow passage ways of shapes and forms
How can meanings manage to fit?
In dwellings of beggars and vagabonds
What business has the king?

The ignorant shape-worshipper alas
What meaning affords to grasp?
With beautiful living lives, say:
What business secrets have?


© 2008-2002,  Dara O Shayda