My Heart

No cure for this ailing aching heart
Profits not from the good of my advice

Threw this heart on gales but won’t wind to sail
Threw this heart on fire but smokes not midst the flames

Commence not deeds stone on feet
Vastness of the universe made to shrink [1]

Envied are those who are Your friends
Ever since they are blissful left to rest

Book of your records in demand morrow
Reading your deeds aloud such sorrow

Is this the etiquette for love and loving [2]
Rudely to intrude on Your privacy?

Melodies of sad moans, only You recognize
Karat of heart’s purity, only You can size

Come close! O! Hearts ablaze to moan together
Who appreciates a burning heart except one smoldered

[1] Koran At-Taubah 118, this an exmaple of borrowing from Koran
in one's poetry. Very very pretty............

[2] Imagine if I kicked your house’s door down, stunk, drunk, dressed in rags, shouting and yelling came to ask you for a favor while all your in-house guests at awe watching! How would you feel? That is what we are doing to Allah the way we approach this Beloved with our nasty approach rude and unconsidered. We ask for things over and over impolitely, for what we are supposed to ask and take permission we just go ahead and take, never offer gratitude for anything big or small and constantly boast with pomp.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda