Blooming Gems

The day I clutched at the brimming goblet of wine, full
The wholesome drunkenness and mind-less ruin
One hundred miracles uncovered at every gate
The words like water, my nature like flames

Concept: There is a day when a man decides to drink the intoxicating wine of the Creator’s love, clutches with firm hands the goblet brimful, drunken loses his mind forever in the perfect state of ruin where all fallacies are like uprooted trees and all false-gods like withered ancient monuments… Each moment, any direction the drunken man gazes, uncovers miracles in time, space, micro and macro world, the world of living and the world of the dead, the existence itself and non-existence made plain. Allah’s word i.e. Koran and wisdom of the Prophet extinguishes the flames of loss, which burns the heart of the drunken servant.

Never able to escape from the wheel of cosmos
Its cruel hand the mind can never truncate
I wish that this dice around the neck could be hung
Since it rolls like a bucket of water on the folks

Concept: Man has to understand one thing, In this turning wheel of cosmos much injustice and cruelty to be endured by all and nothing the mind can invent to amputate these cruel arms of our mortal existence”. Cosmos and its destiny like rolling dice, living us at the mercy of a gamble, Faryaabi wishes that he could make a necklace out of this dice so it will never roll again, because it rolls like a bucket of water splashed upon people i.e. everybody at loss by its gamble!!!

O! King, the wine of Thy life overflows the goblet of cosmos
The petals of Thine life’s blossoms, no timely falls
The blood Thy blade from the throat of enemies spilled
The same from the eyes of Thine lovers brimmed

Your animosity bloomed like a blossom in colors
And like the wheel of a blossom dangles from this world
And It hits every branch with blows of blossoms
Alas! Like blossoms downward they sailed

Concept: I suspect Faryaabi laments about the enmity of this mortal life. Like blossoms it spreads in all places and times and like blossoms short-lived sail to their death soon.

I have eyes perpetually gazing upon the Beloved’s face
Just staring suffices, since in there finding my Love
To discern between the eyes and Beloved not right
Either the eyes It Self or indeed It is the vision of eyes

Concept: Foolish arrogant man be the silly ignorant creature I am, do you think you can ever gaze upon anything other than the most beautiful face of your Creator? Try you idiot as did Faryaabi in vain, to his admission saw nothing but the Beloved’s Face. Only the foolish separates the eyes from the Beloved since either the Creator is the vision seen by our eyes or our eyes the conduit through which Allah sees for us. Be foolish! Be blind!

Seeking Your pleasure what an infinitely harsh endeavor
One particle of Your melancholy surpassing a world of happiness
You are complaining about us but we
Find in Your bondage one hundred thousand freedoms!

Concept: When Man endeavors to find the pleasure of his Creator, much hurt and hardship comes to his way. Ignorant observers conjecture that this is punishment from Allah, but the true hearts know that this is the pain, amputating one’s limbs, which are hard clasping at this mortal life. When Man tastes the bitterness of this passage and only then he can see the beauty of his Creator. Faryaabi narrates to us that these melancholic moments better than a universe filled with passing happy vanities. True Sufis find their freedom magnified infinitely only when finding themselves in bondage of their Lord.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda