Wax Palm Tree

The learned sage if hidden, obscure
                                            For Better!
A treasure, in a mansion, opulent  [1]
                                            For Better!

The world of liberty is the best
You! Go to that place of freedom [2]
                                            For Better!

In this lowly humiliation the heart is not settled [3]
Aim high! Indeed ascend the loftiness
                                            For Better!

The lover’s heart is to oneness inclined [4]
Petrels above the waters, wafting
                                            For Better!

The rich denies the hereafter
Greater his today, than his morrow
                                            For Better!

Kamaal be content with one glance of this universe
A wax palm tree, just for the eye [5]
                                            For Better!

[1] A scholar, sage or a learned wise man is like a treasure. Have you ever seen a treasure spread all over a sidewalk? Or given public access for all to use? A sage in search of fame is like a treasure but its value is lost as if spread worthlessly all over a road for picking.

[2] I assume that Kamaal was a POW at this time in China or some such remote area

[3] This is the most unbelievable part of Kamaal’s teaching experience: At the lowest time of your life, no matter how much humiliation, ascend towards spiritual loftiness in your heart in order for it to settle down at rest. We often seek the reverse; at times of hardship we seek lowly behavior and push our hearts downwards to match the situation losing/risking our self-dignity and respect. We must soar at such humiliating times into new heights. Indeed this was done by scholars of Kamaal’s time. Mongols destroyed much of central Asia and Iran and slaughtered, as many people and animals as they could. There was no power to resist their advance. They forced Imams and scholars into mosques and schools and mass executed all. Kamaal amongst the few who were taken as POWs, did not despair instead they taught with loving affection that which they knew of truth and knowledge to their savage conquerors with much benevolence.

[4] Oneness is used by Kamaal as description of reunion with the Creator both in this world and world after. He compares this reunion as that of petrels flying above the waters and shores i.e. a human wafting above the life of this world. There may be huge booties gained or mass slaughter but Kamaal was drifting high above all that in hope of rejoice of reunion with his Creator.

[5] Kamaal sees the source of all problems for a human heart his sight upon the prize of this world. He suggests to all of us to make one single short glance and that is about the attention this universe deserves. He further shares... if we gaze upon longer than that, all heartbreak and loss shall come to us. The example is like wax palm tree or wax fruits. They are pretty to look upon for a little bit, but hungrily beholding them for eating is foolish. This world is like a wax fruit and is meant for a single pleasurable moment of gazing, and not much more. But we as always tend to devour the wax fruit, which brings us much ache within. Kamaal advises himself to have a single glance and turn his face away and at this statement all his advices end.

GrantBack: Speical thanks for the ALTA group in Cambridge who edited this poem. Special Thanks to Cola Farnzen for reading this poem.

© 2003-2002,  By Dariush Gholizadeh