Living Heart

Arrogant Sage even inside the Kaabah, indeed a sinner
And the one confessing not to the worship of idols, indeed a Kafir [1]

If "I" desire the paragon glamour of Its appearance
Only when "My Self" completely absent and disappeared

The living heart, the dead one dying in front of Its eyes [2]
The healthy, the tired one skilled in the art of falling in love [3]

Whomsoever brings to mind the moon-faced ones [4]
Cannot be blamed, if they are in turmoil like I

The wise know there are shortcomings in the affairs of reason [5]
Since the secrets of Leyli’s beauty, solely to Majnoon made manifest

Yearning with Your desire sailing a small yacht in the desert
Typhoon of depression drowned my life into the abyss of waves

If my tongue neglects your mention, thickness of a hair
My entire being remembers you down to the follicle of each hair [6]

Oh the one commanding Khajoo to wear the garment of love
How can I? Even though I know it being such splendid gown [7]

[1] Kafir is an Arabic word meaning disbeliever, believers often though they worship cosmetically the Lord in reality they worship themselves or money or fame or ambitions of world conquest and control of masses. Khajoo warns that you may be a cosmetic believer but if you do not confess to your idol worshiping, usually worship of the Self, then you are a Kafir in spite of your believing pretense. Kaabah is the black cubic building in Makkah, Arabia where Prophet Abraham built the first enclosed house of worship.

[2] Hearts are dead if the body lives with desires and lust for this world. We all know that. But Khajoo narrates that life can be blown into hearts if one dies, prior to biological death. He does not say not to desire this world, you can not stop the desires, he says in the pervious verse to EXPECT the universe function as though your are dead and void! Do not expect anyone to give you anything e.g. love (your are dead), do not expect anyone to appreciate you (you are gone), do not expect to live tomorrow (already deceased), and do not expect to have food tomorrow and on and on. In that case you have passed away and expired though your biological functions continue. You eat and digest but if you do not have food you are not sad or stressed. You make love but do not yearn when the loved ones are gone or left alone. You have money you spend, but when the poverty comes you feel no different.

[3] Loving is a fine craft, which requires much learning and art. Silly people say “I love you” A Sufi like Khajoo paints the love with much mastery without paint and brush! Without a single word uttered or single action taken.

[4] Moon-faced in Farsi means beautiful face radiating like the full moon’s circle.

[5] Leyli and Majnoon are lovers in an epic story in ancient Persia similar to Romeo and Juliet. Majnoon the male lover was madly in love with Leyli. The wise people did not see much of any beauty in her and wondered why this terrifically handsome and wealthy man loves this girl? This is the failure of reason according to Khajoo. The secrets of beauty of Leyli are made ONLY clear and apparent to Majnoon and no one else? This is a profound observation, beauty more than often is between a lover an the beloved and all else in the universe may not take notice or appreciate the beauty since it’s the glue between two people and not a broadcast for the rest to enjoy.

[6] We many forget or even deny the Creator, but every cell of body with it generates the proteins remembers Allah, when it produces enzymes it remembers Allah, when muscles contract they are remembering Allah, when blood flows in the veins they are remembering Allah, when olfactory nerves smell a scent you have remembered Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this context the Arabic word Zikr was translated into remembrance.

[7] Khajoo reminds us to stop being arrogant, you shall never wear the garment of love for anyone or anything or for your Creator, until and unless your Creator commands the commencement of such dressing and the attire of love is custom fit for you. Be not arrogant! ask Allah to send you love and make you fall in love with Its Excellency. Garment of love is not one-size-fit-all, it is custom fit for each soul and each object. Ask Allah for permission to fall in Love with The Majesty. If you fall in love with the Creator then you have fallen in love with all the creation.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda