Stranger Companion

Even if I let go the loyalty of Yours
Shall never lose the desire of Yours [1]

Humbling myself like the dust of Your steps
Can never un-love the dust of feet of Yours

If the bird of my life flying off the nest
Shall descend upon the earth of court of Yours

I hope to be the target for the destiny’s arrow [2]
So I lose my life for the pleasure of Yours

Whom can I behold in Your place
There is non-else for I, ever in place of Yours

Your bondage equals a thousand freedoms [3]
Reigns the beggar who begs of Yours

No surprise Your prayers chants for life
Indeed my chants day and night invocations of Yours

How can I ever deserve to serve You
Except not turning my face from the insults of Yours [4]

Not a stranger, those estranged Self [5]
Those strangers are companions of Yours

If Khajoo gazes upon other than You
Eyes turn into waters from the shame of Yours [6]

[1] Human being may lose the obedience of his or her Master by committing deeds and uttering words unworthy of the servitude to The Majesty. However Khajoo has uncovered a gem by narrating to us that in spite of all our sins and wickedness the love and desire for the beauty and affection of the Creator can never depart from our heart.

[2] Sufi rushes towards the next moment of earthly life in anticipation that it will be indeed the last of all moments. Matters not the next moment brings good fortune or evil, comfort or hardship, the moment brings the anticipation of meeting the Almighty in person and if life continues, the moment brings yet another gashed wound to the heart anew.

[3] Prophet Abraham was chained abound thrown into a bonfire, punishment for his monotheism, however the fire burned not his skin but the chains and he was freed in this word and the word after.  Khajoo has uncovered another jewel, beg Allah non-stop for all things and you will be like Prophet Abraham. Because he constantly begged Allah not just for himself but for others as well, Koran: 11-75

[4] By insults Khajoo means that hardships of life are no more than few insults here and there and in reality not much harm comes to humanity. But no one can serve Allah if they cannot endure these hardships and discomforts, hence no turning face to the insults.

[5] Have you noticed your constant yearning to look for friends and lovers and etc… this is the innate estrangement Khajoo narrates: You are constantly running away from yourself to others’ company to avoid spending time with Your Self, therefore its best to run away from Your Self and choose Allah’s companionship instead of people’s. 

[6] When your heart squeezed out of the eyes, and tears squeezed from the almonds of your eyes, that is the precise moment when you are reminded: "you gazed upon other than Allah", you turned your lustful eyes away from your Creator and beheld the false pleasures of others. All this can be cherished from the saying of Mustafa Peace Be Upon Him: “(Allah) Be the pleasure of my eyes and the pleasure of my ears”. When Allah drowns your irises in the boiling fountains of tears, it is the bath that cleans the impurities blinding the clear vision of yours. This is not a punishment from your Allah; this is the way Ar-Rahman cleanses your eyes. Do not lose heart to disappointment; there is nothing better than drowning in the copious waters of shame of Allah. If your eyes are white from boiling of tears, then believe not this being the hatred from your Allah; rejoice that it was the edict from the Sultan of Love to return back to The Majesty, The Beloved wants Its love back i.e. YOU. Let the tears blind your eyes and rubout your vision so never again you look upon others. Take this advice from the eye-less lion…

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda