I have heard the description of a throne
Throne of Joseph’s trials and Triumph
Where his three shirts taken away
First oozed by the false blood [1]
Second ripped by the scandal [2]  
Third’s scent lid the Jacob’s eyes [3]
My face stunned by the first
The second my heart touched
Would destiny find the third shirt for I?

Concept: Similar to Old Testament there is a chapter in Koran called Joseph. In this chapter there is the story of ProphetPBUH Jacob’s son Joseph. Joseph had 3 shirts, which are mentioned in the story. Shirt One , was spilled with false blood to fool Jacob that his son was killed by wolves(plot by other sons jealous of Joseph). Shirt Two , was torn from behind when the wife of the king of Egypt attempted to seduce the young Joseph and was entered as evidence for the king to determine guilt. Shirt Three , was thrown on the face of Jacob and the scent of Joseph cured the blind eyes of Jacob. They were blinded since he cried all his life for Joseph. Throne [4] mentioned in the poem is also in the same story where Joseph placed his parents on a throne and the brothers fell on their faces to apologize as was seen in a dream by him as a child. In this poem Roodaki tells us to seek the third shirt when we are to meet our loved one. Excellent metaphor, and perfect execution in Farsi, specially given he was blind and yearning to regain his vision. Expanding beyond this point, we are all blinded by the light of this world and need the third shirt to see.

[1]  Koran, Chapter 12 Yusuf (Joseph) verse 18

[2] Koran, Chapter 12 Yusuf (Joseph) verse 25-28

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[4] Koran, Chapter 12 Yusuf (Joseph) verse 100

Background: Blind Mongolian.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda