A mere droplet of this wine upon the Nile
Its scent intoxicating the whale hundred years drunk
Roaring lion if the deer wined a mere drop
Indeed fear of tiger shall never in mind

Concept: Wine is the love of the Creator and intoxication with Its beauty. I think this is the eldest most beautiful usage of the words WINE for the purpose!

With the flames of desire
Be a salamander afire

With the tumultuous ocean of inside
Be a whale in command

Concept: Roodaki narrates that turn your flames of desire, which are able to burn you and people around you into a minute harmless salamander. Why salamander? There are reddish fiery salamanders that though look like a flame of fire but they do not burn. He continues to say that navigate through the waves of anxiety and fear inside you like a whale with the command of the oceans.

Wallow not in arrogance, wealth that you have found
Destiny’s eyes have many like you gazed upon and shall gaze upon

One hundred thousand keeping me company
And I am aloof
One hundred thousand keeping me desolate
And I am aloof

Affairs of kiss like drinking saltwater
Drinking swelling thirst, guzzling much desire

Sorrow of Your departure left behind only You by my side
Counting together constantly, day’s hours, night’s stars

Concept: It is not the loved one who left you behind, It was Allah. You yearn, moan and cry not for the loved one but for the Beloved Allah, though you know not! And when your love left you, you think you are alone, be not foolish, you are left alone with Allah.

Colorful garment of life dirtied in youth
Now left at the palms of the washer, dross
Laundered twisted fabric and smeared dyes
I wait to see what comes out of the wash...

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda