Live joyous with beautiful black eyes blessed
This world is nothing but winds and legends
Be elated and content with what’s blown your way
And must never recall what has swept away past
I and that wavy musk-ed sable tress
I and that Houri-race beautiful moon-faced [1]
Unfortunate the one who did not eat or spend
Alas! Mere winds and clouds this world
Whatever the gales bring on indeed welcome!
Ever heard satisfaction with this world
Anyone? So why seeking the happiness in vain
Ever witnessed from this world
Any justice? If you saw then it offers some

[1] Houri is an Arabic word in Koran indicating the virgin mates of Paradise. Moon-faced in Farsi means radiating beautiful face, round like moon. Black eyes also in Farsi means beautiful.

Background: Ray Charles and Claxton.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda