Drunken Gardner

When Your wine overflows
Every crater
Every valley
Every goblet
Destiny’s wildebeest wearing my face for hoofs
Maddened by the effervescence of Your love
Found no un-stumped savannah in my heart
To crush for one last hurried stampede

The egg of my eyes has cracked
And flown through the broken shells of my love
The hatched sphinx of Denial
Rushing through her veins
Elixir of eternal youth, gushing tears mine
Her bones hollowed with emptiness of my heart
Exhaling the fiery sobs, flames
Of my soundless screams

Though people think I dance upon this earth
Twisting, squirming, diving in depth of pain

Though people hear my words upon their ears
Sobbing, weeping, moaning melancholic pretence

Though people gaze upon I comfortably asleep
Blazing, bedding of fire, deluxe set for restful weeps

I walk upon the arctic trails of destiny
Gardening the frozen, broken
Branches of false hopes
In lustful orchards of life

Come my love! come see my garden

Frozen tears blossoming
On dead branches
Fragrance of betrayal
Flowing underneath the salty
Marshes of my weeps
Children drowning, loud in laughter
Slipping on icy branches, lifeless trunks
And when I charge, tempest of rescue
Splashing through the deadening insidious waters
Helplessly I find myself blind
Eyes drowned in boiling tears
Since I wear my sobbing face
Upon the soles of my hurried steps!   

Background: Haitian street children numbers more than 300,000. Why?

© 2004-2002,  Dara Shayda