Embossed Love

I am that blind dotard
Whose trembling fingers prostrate
Kissing the embossed texture of Your love
Decorations upon the lost loves’ collage
So the effervescence of Your redolent beauty
Brimming the goblet of sober eyes
And yes!
Blindness deciphered the Braille
Eyeless drunk I could gaze
Not upon past or future
Not upon sadness or happiness
But the beauty of Your love
Rendering the present

Concept: Beauty of Allah like the embossed texture on paper pushes thru the past events in our life. If one is blind to the lure of this world, like a blind man reading the Braille, then this beauty is deciphered.
Else it’s only past regrets of life.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda