I Stand

When I stand lost
I wear the black wings of your hands
Fly high to find
    Our Allah

When I stand poor
I dive the dolphins of your eyes
Deep to snatch the pearls of
    Our Paradise

When I stand scared
I wear the black armour of your skin
To fight the phalanx of
    Our Evil

When I stand resurrected
I wear your fullest most dark lips
To tell the truth to
    Our Haqq  [1]

When I stand wordless
I climb the lofty sable cliffs of your cheekbones
To sing the poems of
    Our Rahman  [2]

When I stand lame
I wear the blackened marbles of your feet
To run hurried between the hills of
    Our Hajj  [3]  

When I stand blind
I push aside the twain of your braids
To behold the secrets of
    Our non-existence

When I stand shaded
Under the wall of your skin
Healing the burns of
    Our Blight

When I stand sober
I drink the darkness-sweetened wine of your love
To fall in love drunk with
    Our BeLoved  [4]

[1] Haqq means the absolute truth an attribute of Allah and one of Its names

[2] Rahman means the beneficent, someone who gives infinite gifts and blessings, an attribute of Allah and one of Its namesdf

[3] Pilgrimage Muslims make the valley of Makkah in Arabia

[4] Allah

Dedication: To Dr. Nataschio Scruggs who gave it all to serve the refugees in US no matter what the color of their skin.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda