Serene Rapids

Like autumn leaves
From the surf-board of your lips

Surfing the elongated waves of my tears
Blown away by the everlasting winds of truth
Scared and love-less

White-water raft of your svelte arms
Serene rapids of my rolling tears
Crushed upon the promised rocks of betrayal
Upon the eye-less face
Life-filled goggles of your enchanted eyes

Diving, holding the breath, the sighs of my sobs
Hurriedly snatching the pearls of your ivory smiles
Washed away…
Shores of Your absence…
Standing Imam[1] to pray upon myself dead
Lowered into the darkness of your hands
Tomb? Nah! The light-less wine cellar!
Drinking the tumultuous billows of love
Dying from thirst in sun-less fjords
Facial cliffs of your charred life
Where the lighthouse of love
And ever-lasting beacon of beauty
Endowing the mankind ever-blind

[1] Imam is the man standing in front of the rows of worshipers. Standing Imam upon someone is the way Muslims pray for a dead person as his/her last rites in a funeral.

Background: African young lady suffering, yet so beautiful, from AIDS.

© 2003-2002,  By Dara Shayda