The Traveller

Voyaged to the rim of the universe
Ripped the guile sails of all expectations
Broke the unbreakable mast of destiny
Where there was time but no passage
Where loss billows upon the shores of love:

I missed the dawn of Your lustrous Face

From the east of benevolence
I missed the setting of Your paramount Face
Into the sea of denial

Sprawled upon the forgotten sands of memories
Melancholic dusty shores arid forsaken thirst
I let the love and loss to wave and foam upon my Self
My flickering eyes behold the green petrels
Each carrying in the heart a prophet
Foraging back to Your hearth
To rest in lanterns dangling from the Throne.
I am just an eye midst the infinity
An eye to witness the voyage
The journey where I braved
The shore-less ocean of tears
Compass of my heart broken
Sobbing monsoons my loyal guide:

Measuring the longitude of Your loss
With melancholic precision
Measuring the latitude of Your love
With fatalistic volition

Background: Haitian boat people

© 2004-2002,  Dara Shayda