Un-shattered Mirror

When my heart’s crystal
Slipped through the darkness of your fingers
For the few most pleasurable moments
The free fall brim filled with weightlessness
Of the stares upon your vanishing face
My heart shattered upon the cedar planks
Like a vase arranged with Lilacs
Millions of fragments of glass
Glass made from the bliss of your minced smiles
Each piece tumbled and turned
The unique angular momentum of your loss
But after all...
Smithereens of “once upon a time” my heart
Fell with melancholic precision
Side by side like an impossible puzzle
Smooth stretch of a mirror
A melancholic kaleidoscope
Upon which if I look
Behold the beauty of Your Face! [1]

[1] The Face of the Creator

© 2004-2001,  Dara O. Shayda