You my love! midst the flames have besieged us
Painful gates of trials wide open facing us
Oh my patience! we took refuge to your sanctuary
You too, handing over to loss, betrayed us

Oh pheasant only the hawk in flight hunting you
Wafting above heavens, none flying other than you
Just the same, no one uncovers the secrets of Yours
Midst the shrouds, non-else singing songs of Yours

Concept: Hawk hunting the pheasant is Allah hunting away Its secrets from Its creation. Sanaa-ee renders the heavens filled with hunting and taking away the secrets like a hawk catching a pheasant in flight. And again the metaphor continues as if the singer is hidden behind the curtains such that no one else can join in with the songs. 

Your melancholy brings jubilation to a pearl
Your disbelief reduces no measure of faith
We see not a soothing moment away from loss
Unless Your heartache, a cure for all ailing hearts

Concept: “Jubilation to a pearl” is when the mouth of a crustacean opens, like a laughter or smile, so the pearl can be removed. Sufis all believe that the only cure for human heart and ailing human affairs is the melancholy of being away from the Beloved i.e. Allah. Pain curing pain.

I asked the heart: “how are you?” and replied
You chin deep in water and I roasting on fire
Drank not from the goblet of reunion’s wine
Though beholding ourselves fallen like a drunk

Concept: Hearts of all people whether they know it or not are fallen in love with the love of Creator. Matters not they made an attempt to love It, just like a person who did not drink from the goblet, but the wine nonetheless intoxicated. And at this all Sufism starts!

Background: Young Tesla in his laboratory.

© 2003-2002,  Dariush Gholizadeh