Liquid Beauty

Just like the photograph preserving the affection, love and memory of someone or something dear, beauty is the ever-lasting relic of an object’s existence. Though the object of affection may become old and weary or totally vanished out of existence, its beauty pours into other containers e.g. memory or a photograph so it will last. Again the ‘original’ may be subject to ruin and corruption, but the beauty is the preservation of the original’s splendor and goodness.

‘That which is with you shall vanish, and that which is with Allah is everlasting” [1] and beyond any doubt that which is with Allah is most beautiful therefore beauty is eternal! A flower may blossom for a day or even less than a day, but its beauty captured in a photograph can last the eternity. 

Perhaps the original (which was with us) is of little value or perishable with no eternal substance, but its beauty (which is with Allah) poised for eternal existence.

Beauty is a gift from the Creator, a gift bestowed upon the mankind to restore their greatness no matter what the conditions and passage of time. Though people walk towards their ruin and evil, their beauty, the fantastic preserve of their essence shall last forever for eyes to behold, hearts to rejoice and minds to recollect.

The beauty of all things is liquid-like and pours perpetually into unnumbered types of containers for preservation:

1.    Memory, photograph…
2.    Arts, writing, drawing…
3.    DNA
4.    Technology
5.    Prayers
6.    Dreams

Galileo’s beauty as a stargazer has been preserved via his technological invention of telescope for all mankind for all times. When we look upon the technology of the telescope we see a container that is preserving the beauty of Galileo where he exchanged his mortal existence for the eternal beauty of an astronomer.

Long after the original has turned into dust, the container preserves and hosts the beauty that was handed down as a gift. Long after a loved one has perished, you find their beauty echo in your prayers and rejoiced around the fountains of your irises.

Like the birds flying south for winter, and they know not why and they do so with no deliberation or planning, beauty pours into new containers just the same even though we plan not.

Someone who betrayed you in most unacceptable and painful circumstances comes to your dreams and prayers and though you know that this person is not worthy, and in spite of their unsavory doings, love grows in your heart. The torrents of beauty pours into infinite containers, no deliberations of ours affect the eddies and currents, serenely rapids non-stop, the ugliness is drowned, our will of no consequence. Container after container brim filled, universe after universe beautified and no one but Almighty knows where this beauty flows to and if it ever ends or for what purpose.

Anguish roasts the seeds of your heart on flames of dolor and raises the plumes of your heartache to heavens, and you ask, “Why do I still love this person?” You love not that individual any longer; you are in love with the gift of beauty that was bestowed upon both of you. And those fantastic pain riddled sensations of beautification and iterative recollections are the edict from the Creator and indeed the loved one is preserved for you away from the toils of this world, in the sanctuary of the Creator.

Matters not what happened to the original, the gift of the beauty of the love shall be encapsulated into the countless containers around you, and shall be with you forever. And if you can comprehend the words “Matters not” in the last sentence, you shall be emancipated from all heartache and loss in this world. Sadly for I, it “Matters”.

[1] Koran An-Nahl  (The Bee)  16:96

© 2003-2002,  By Dariush Gholizadeh