Wounded Prey

Within the secrets of love no room for language
Be silent! Over there words are not to be heard!

Betwixt the love and beloved only the slightest facial geste
Verbose expressions of intent and speech not to be heard!

My startled heart scared like a wounded prey
The wound of this game, bow and arrow not bled!

In the bazaar of precious jewels
Careless few traders, examine not the scales

If you are unkind to me there must be a reason
No one exists, treating Your creation callous!

In the universe, I am the outer-rim of the infinite melancholy
Ask not where there is no time or its passage!

Do not move the tongue about the (bitter) legend of love
Say instead better than this tale, non-else to be heard!

© 2003-2002,  Dariush Gholizadeh