The Lovers’ Daffodil (Abharol ‘Aasheqin)
Chapter 31
Shawq (Anxious Yearning)
Know dear brother—May Allah bestow upon you Shawq (Anxious Yearning)—Once Mahab-bat (Love) is perfected, an insatiable thirst of maddening passion vexes the lover agitated with the unrest of the transient & temporal (Mohdath i.e. this world), serving him the wine of Leqaa (Trysting Rendezvous) with the Divinely Most Beneficent One (Rahman).
Once the soul flies the skies of Qorb (Divine Nearness) upon the wings of Shawq (Anxious Yearning), nestling within the Qorb (Divine Nearness), empowered by the Shawq (Anxious Yearning), Qorb (Divine Nearness) evermore grows, since Shawq (Anxious Yearning) strengthens the flight of the soul. The more soul flies the more Shawq (Anxious Yearning) amplifies since the mirage of Qayrat (Divine Sole Vigilance) pours more thirst upon the fervid thirst of the Shawq (Anxious Yearning). [1]
In the religion of the lovers there is no Wasl (Divine Nexus) even though there is not any Fasl (Divine Sunderance) either, since Mohdath (Transience & Temporal Order) reaches not the Qedem (Immemorially Preexistent & Ancient) [2]. In conclusion the Shawq (Anxious Yearning) is illimitable. Beholding the Jalal (Divine Sublimity), throws the soul into Shawq (Anxious Yearning) and upon such daring glance heart melts within the ardor of Shawq (Anxious Yearning) whilst the exposure to Divine Presence increases evermore.
Indeed the Shawq (Anxious Yearning) enchained the lovers upon the backs of the stallions galloping towards the Realm of the Divine Light and such is the cause for the bondage & enslavement of love (‘Ishq). The gentleman of all lovers and the chieftain of all yearners, upon him (Mohammad) are the most virtuous benedictions and most paragon salutations, used to pray, “Asking You (Lord) the pleasure of glancing upon Your Face and yearning for meeting with You”. Abu Said Al-Khar-raz said, “Their hearts brim-filled with Mahab-bat (Loving), pursuing after and rushing towards Allah, yearning & longing for It, indeed lost & bewildered. Such bliss! Anxious, sorrowful and yet hopeful madly in love with their Lord finding no rest or caress without It”.
Shawq (Anxious Yearning) a fireplace afire by the shafts of light shining from Moshaahedah (Divine Perception), which once its flames flare the heart, charred, is the Mohdath (Transience & Temporal) due to Moshaahedah (Divine Perception) of Divine Beauty and Sublimity (Jalal) of the Divinely Most Beneficent One (Rahman). Said (?), “Shawq (Anxious Yearning) is the Divine Fire of Allah flaring within the hearts of the Awlia (Friends of the Beloved) until all is smoldered in their hearts such as Khawaater (Ideas & Aphorisms) [3] Iraadat (Elan) inescapable Fate & Decree and any form of Hijab (Veils blocking the Divine)”.
Flowing rivers of Shawq (Anxious Yearning) end at the Sea of Love, though both the Sea of Love and Sea of Shawq (Anxious Yearning) arid in the eye of Allah (viewing from) within the Realm of Qadim (Immemorially Preexistent & Ancient). Because once the lover & Beloved are united what is the use for Shawq (Anxious Yearning) and Love? Since the Lection (Nass), “No just estimate have they made of Allah” (Koran [22:74]) negates the Love’s dual nature (of lover & beloved). [4]
Consider the Shawq (Anxious Yearning) as the stallion for Love, rider is Love upon the back of the stallion of Shawq, however gallops not beyond the Sea of Tawhid (Oneness). If does trek beyond, no Love or Shawq (Anxious Yearning) remains. Love gains amplitude from the Shawq (Anxious Yearning), unless sailing upon that ship Love reaches not the shores of Moshaahedah (Divine Perception) and pearls of Love beautified not within the Tajalli’s (Divine Début’s) seashells.
Once the Moshtaaq (Divine Yearner) finds Ons (Divine Intimacy) with Haqq (Absolute True Reality), shall splash an effervescent goblet of Inbesaat’s (Jubilee cased by sudden Hope) perfume upon the Soul’s Ons (Divine Intimacy) until sets afire all within him. In the gala of Ons (Divine Intimacy), this Moshtaaq (Divine Yearner) once facing Your overpowering resplendent beauty, (discovers that) indeed YOU are the true cause for loving Ons (Divine Intimacy), You are the blossom blooming the orchards of Ma’refat (Divine Noesis) luring the seekers & lovers to drink a pure intoxicating wine from the goblet of Your Ons (Divine Intimacy), (and begging:) immix not this wine with Hijr (Abandonment). O! The one upon the throne of bravery & righteousness, our hearts You break and our loyalty & allegiance You reject. In this drama of loving, what room for fame, poetry or scholarship?
Benefits not for me being loyal to you
Shattering my heart if bothersome to you
Like your lips one ought to live
Supple, thin, silent and bloodied
[1] Qayrat is a term meaning to want no other around. Allah does not want any other idol around Its slaves. That is Qayrat. Allah does not wish the slave preoccupied with worldly life. That ‘wanting no one else around the slave’ is Qayrat. The slave also tries to comply by repelling other desires and lusts out of his surrounding in order for the attention (Tawajjoh) to be focused upon the Beloved. That is also Qayrat.
[2] Concept of connection of two things via an instrument in between or via some effort is something related to this ordered, transient and temporal world (Mohdath). Temporal allows for being connected and then disconnected. Transient allows for the effort to cause the necessary transformations. However where the Divine Beloved presides none of these apply. Therefore, when we say ‘reaching God’ or ‘separated from God’, they are really nonsensical statements which are there for us to get a feel about closeness or distance from God. But these statements, do not have any ring of truth nor certainty. 

Because It was there primordial (Awwal) before all things, that Realm is called Qedem which is infinitely past - like the reverse of the Sempiternity.

In many Sufi philosophical arguments you may read, “Qedem fits not into Mohdath” or “Mohdath finds no way to Qedem” which is what was said above.

[3] Khawaater is induced ideas and aphorisms by the Beloved or by the Nafs (Psyche) or by demons and devils inducing lusts and etc. (Took this short description from Qoshairi Manifest INSHALLAH will translate that section soon.)
[4] Allah is Wahid only one, singular, nonesuch, nonpareil and unique. In a love relationship all is dual, i.e. the couple - lover & the beloved. This holds within the Mohdath - this transient & temporal universe. But once reaching the reunion with Allah all duality are perished since It allows no one other self close by and there is no duality in that Realm.  Thus all things that cause the structures of dualism, such as loving & yearning, cannot exit in this Divine Realm.


Contributors: Meryem Brawly

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda