Two Gems
Almighty Creator who reigns over the cosmos
Bestowed upon you these two wonderful jewels
Your propensity to love dear someone else
Your face so someone loves you in return

Destroy our crops, march the troops, burn our houses, rape our women, call us names, spit upon our faces, hate our race, besiege us to starve and let us be devoured by AIDS but untired I write upon the book of Love by the quill made from every broken heart dipped into the soundless ink of my son’s death, page after page numbered by the unnumbered tears of the childless parents, that which bounds the child & I unseen by your lightless eyes, not of this world but a fiat eternally uncompromised uncontested incorruptible, an edict decreed by the Sultan of Love, the everlasting glue of the creation the inescapable  love of the Beloved of heavens and earth. The love that has no beginning and goes on loving even after the last of all lovers has perished, the love that spoke with the child & I before we were. Though our hearts have broken, the covenant of this love unbreakable, the devotion of this love unshakeable and the weight of this love unmovable.
Set the orchards of our hearts afire, make us few pictures or deny our memories, do spread our charred ashes upon the odious gusts of amnesia but the child & I coalesced together by the fusion of the Divine Love inseparable immeasurable immemorial.
It is the Beloved that loves the Beloved eternal, while the child & I inexorably entangled betwixt no matter what is done to us.

Alas! I scream that this love is blind since beholds nothing of the cosmos except the Beloved…
© 2004-2002,  Dara Shayda

Calligraphy by Fateh Ezzatpour.