A flare from our bosom’s fire
A jewel from our heart’s treasure
Yourself from Heaven and Hell
With Its pain and sorrow
Everlasting love for Beloved

Religious folk so brim filled with the anxieties of Heaven & Hell that forget the very reasons for them all. How could one worry about hereafter when one is free from Beloved? Mankind a precious treasure tucked away hidden in depth of a large universe, little anyone knows where he is! This treasure within the heart commands such power that one evil flare from this bosom becomes Hell the fiery abode and a single pearl from this very bosom concrescents the gardens of Eden!?
Whether there is pain or there is sorrow, face the moment frolic because ours is the everlasting love for Beloved. Ours is the very treasure envy of all creation, the treasure trove of an unbound love for Beloved!

Background: Woman in Gujurat India.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda