Abusaid Abul-Khair    

Nafs (Psyche)

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Just because a bite is on the table
                                 Devour not!
Even if the Nafs comforting you
                                 Devour not!

If the Nafs offers you honey per se
That is the blood of elderly women
                                  Devour not!


When you walk through the supermarket, along the isles, ask your Self a question:

"Nafs is this something you are offering me or is this the gift from my Beloved Bestower?"

If the answer comes to you clearly then eat, drink and revel in the pleasures. But if the answer finds difficulties to come to you then:

"Nafs this honey you are offering me is nothing but the blood of the elderly women"

Similar to that of the South-Sudanese woman enduring her child’s death yet we cannot endure the discomfort of our pets.

You are not being told “don’t buy” “don’t enjoy” or “don’t own”, just ask the question Abul-Khair asked: Is this honey from my Nafs or from my Beloved? Is this nectar from the Beloved’s Orchards or is this the blood squeezed out of the innocent far away?

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda 

Calligraphy by Fateh Ezzatpour