A Page of Silence  
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How much longer?

Chiseling and polishing the words
How much longer?
Your scattered arrows missing the target
If you have ever read
A single page from the book of silence
Much you had laughed
At the vanity of what was said and heard

Her tensed eyebrows the longbow and I that arrow, shot by the marksmanship of the savage afflictions. Leaving my Self behind and I land upon the empyreal courtyard of my Beloved, no odious gusts of destiny shall deviate this arrow of mine.

Clutched at the dolphins of her eyes and I that pearl diver, diving in depth of her tears hunting for scattered negra-pearls of Paradise drowned darkling in hadal waves of amnesia. No banks for this vexed sea to die ashore therefore drown I am in this dive of mine.
Parting the sable tresses of her braids thirsting for light and I that trembling eyeless dotard to die once and forever, lying searchless underneath my Beloved’s beauteous shafts of light. And no dark veils of this life shall shroud in abeyance this death of mine.
Wore her most full-lips and I that liar in repentance weeping to tell the truth to my Beloved. I pushed my Self off the cliffs of untruth and whilst the capricious moments of freefall, weightlessly uttered infinite truth within her darkness. And crashed repenting upon the rocks of my sins, shattered this lying-Self of mine.

Background: Minah(6) is an AIDS orphan from Schoemansdal in South Africa. Her parents died of AIDS within two months of each other last year. Minah too, has contracted the HIV virus from birth and is becoming increasingly sick. Photo Chris Leslie 2002.

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda

Calligraphy by Fateh Ezzatpour.