Abu-Said Abul-Khair  

The Salt Marsh     

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Other than Your Love’s Path my heart shall trek no other
Other than the words of love my soul shall utter no other

Your Love turned my heart’s valley into a salt marsh
Such that within there sprouts the love of no other


When the Beloved loves someone and when draws close to him the proximity of the Divine Oneness clears all around the loved one: He is forsaken, his heart broken, his trust betrayed, his honor stolen and he is desolate. And in this moment even if he is thrown at the dogs, they would not want him!

We all have walked by him and gave him that certain askance look. His own loved ones that swore to heavens never to forsake him betrayed him. Because within the salt marsh of his heart nothing grows but the transcendental presence of a Divine Love, a Love that its Beloved loves unconditionally invariably and the exclusiveness of this Love is the reflection of the Divine Essence and its sorrow the effulgent fragrance of Azal (Sempiternity).

The Divine Kalimāt (Words) of Its Love are written in human betrayals and incurable heartaches, readable only to the blind few who can decipher the Braille book of life. 

Background: Cite Solei, 1994 Haiti.     

© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda

Calligraphy by Fateh Ezzatpour