If you are a true Dervish
Impose no ownership no change
Be not frolic or melancholic ever
Be happy and content
Since in dominion of the Lord
This world or the one after
‘You’ amount to absolutely nothing
Man believes he is entitled to own, control and change whatsoever within his grasp. He believes in this more than he believes in God! He believes in this more than he believes that tomorrow the sun shall rise!
All sorrow comes from within where we lust to own and change. There is no sorrow without!
The belief that you can own something or you can change something is the Hijab (veil) concealing the resplendent face of the Beloved. Believe not! And you shall be an eye from the follicles of your hair to the toes, an eye reveling in the pleasure and sublimity of beholding the Most Beautiful One!
Each time the heartache and anxiety comes to you, listen to the clarions call announcing the edict of the false-god i.e. you who is subjected to the worship of your Self. Disbelieve in this Self-god and momentarily you are to see the divine flash.

© 2004-2002,  Dara Shayda

Calligraphy by Fateh Ezzatpour and scan by Amin Karimpout.