Al-ĎAlÓy (The Most High)

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Al-ĎAlÓy (The Most High) is Al-Ladhi (That Which) is lofty above all others and all other ranks end up, at the ultimate end, reaching Al-ĎAlÓy (The Most High).

As we sense, there is physical above-ness and intellectual above-ness.

Huís above-ness is absolute; i.e. in contrast to human above-ness, it needs nothing else to be below it, relatively speaking. Al-ĎAlÓy (The Most High) is lofty above all else, even if there is nothing in existence.

Al-ĎAlÓy (The Most High) has gradations for Huís loftiness, as does physical above-ness.

Allah is above all creation , that is the meaning of presiding over the ĎArsh (Divine Throne). This in turn means that, all Divine Attributes are infinitely perfected above and beyond anything the creation can conceive of or achieve.

Al-ĎAlÓy (The Most High) means that Allahís Divine Attributes do not suffer from the imperfection of transience, nascence or evanescence.

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