Chapter 1: Loving
My Dearest
There is no going back and forth at the dominion of love. There is also no explanations and descriptions. And delays and procrastinations find no path to this valley and the people who only understand the Soorat (physical shapes and forms) comprehend nothing of this. 
This valley and its thirst quenching brooks are lofty and different (that anything else).
Although it is divine but not meant for preaching/listening.
This wine is to be drunk and no listening and no enquiring shall bring you to the point of sipping.
There are three types of love:
  1. Causal
  2. Creation’s
  3. True
The Causal,[1] is mostly due to lust and desires. The Creation’s,[2] mostly due to destiny and circumstances. The True Love is endowed (divine from heavens). [3]
The love that arises from Causalities of life shall descend upon the Nafs (Self) and shall pull the Nafs lowly. The Creation’s Love shall gravitate the Nafs towards the same direction (creation). But the True Love shall give Nafs the true existence and life.
And that love that rises from the Creation shall land on the heart and shall destroy the heart. [4]
And that love that rises from the Truth shall incubate within the heart until taking him from “him self” away and make him anew by It Self.
The sign of (True) love is when drown in the beauty of Beloved, must face the Beloved without “him self”, and gaze upon the Beloved via the Beloved:
Forsaken all that is my self [5]
Cognizant of all that is the Beloved
Roasting midst the fire of Its love
Smoldering as much as I endured [6]
This love found in the splendid court of the nonpareil One, and one single meaning [7] for the phrase “They will love It” and entire creation are madly in love with the Creator:
Without the being of you “It will love them”, I said
The pearls of “They will love It”, I thread
Other than I, none else, heard what I said
I was and I heard My Self and I said
Chapter 2: Desire
The Desire is the fire that its flames arose from the blazes of love and the fragrance of existence, the incense fuming by the burning face of separation [8]. Longing is the destruction [9] and the lover in duress with no sleep. It is the sole cause of yearning although It Self has no case, Beloved is the carrier to the valley of love and (lover) drinking from the brook of intimacy. Until the river of affection boils over and the lover moans and screams (with lover in its boiling waters). Indeed Mankind in fear, hope, deprivation and endowment drinks the poison to succumb to desire. Because human being capitulates only to the desire and withdraws. Yearning to be without “him self”. It is this precise moment where the lover is emptied (from all else and himself thus in comfort):
Though in heartthrobs and withering away
At last burnt and left with comforting solace
[1] For example sexual desire is a form of love that pulls two people together. It is Causal because caused by hormonal and other physiological aspects for the most part (Koran [3:14]):
“Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: Women and sons; Heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence); and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land. Such are the possessions of this world's life; but in nearness to Allah is the best of the goals (To return to).”
Beloved gave us this form of loving in order to build communities and nations and survive the elements of this often harsh planet. However, Mankind goes overboard with this lowest of love forms, and succumbed to it as the goal for life.
[2] Someone adopts a child and the child grows up to love the adopted parents. This is an act of destiny, which caused the gravity between lovers.
[3] I feel the best way to examine this love is to find no explanation for it. Someone or something or some act or some belief you love very much. And you cannot explain why? All contradictory events surrounds this love to the contrary i.e. dislike and hate but… you are in love. I suspect that is the True love divine. Example I have found true with a historic and deep personal experience is mentioned in Koran [8:63]:
“And (moreover) He hath put affection between their hearts: not if thou hadst spent all that is in the earth, couldst thou have produced that affection, but Allah hath done it: for He is Exalted in might, Wise.”
Arabs are the children of Prophet Abraham PBUH from the side of Ishmail. And they roamed the Arabia since before Prophet Moses and Jesus. They never formed any serious civilization in terms of nation building and infrastructure like the Greeks or Persians or Romans. To their astonished eyes and later on to the shocked eyes of the King of Persia this nation of nomadic people of few formed an amazing civilization in less that 30 years and conquered Iran and sat on the borders of Rome making demands. Beloved tells us that this love came from It for the Arabs surrounding the Prophet. Notice no explanation can be given to this rise of weaklings and people of almost no resources and populations.
[4] For example the nationalistic love for the country or an ideal of government, once gone to excess as you see these days, destroys people and nations. And yes destroys their humanity, as Ansaari said destroys their heart. Therefore, a Sufi must teach his people to observe limits on the first two types of love. Self-restraint in this loving is necessary for bother individual and their nations as well as the survival of their hearts.
[5] To forsaken one’s self is not to fast each day, sleep little, abstain from sexuality and leave business and what not. That is Yoga! That is no Sufism! I do not mean to belittle Yoga or such teachings by no means. My best understanding of what this term or shall I say state of the heart means is rather subtle: Live as though you mean not to leave any lasting effect on anyone or anything, like a traveler passing through or like a patient living his last day. You might still eat well, but if you do not eat, you are not sad or depressed. You might have a lover, but if you are alone, you are just the same in terms of happiness. You might do business, but if you do not, you are a fine man struggling with poverty. This topic is central to my research and we will come back to it many more times INSHALLAH.
[6] The more patient you are in the trials and tribulations of the Beloved, the more you love It and burn in Its desire to meet.
[7] The Arabic word ‘Nass’ has been translated into ‘verbatim’ but I expanded the meaning by saying “one single meaning”. I felt that is more true to the feeling of the text.
[8] We exist in this form because of two factors:
  1. Creator the Beloved loved us and thus we are formed
  2. Separated from the Beloved and imprisoned on this planet
So Ansaari says we are filled with desires because of the love that has created us. Some desires to go back to the Creator and some desires for this world but nonetheless the desires emanates from the fire of the Creator’s love. 
In our current form on this planet we are like the fragrance of existence i.e. from all direction we exist and we see existence like the vapor of a perfume filling up the space. And this fragrance is the burning of the incense of separation from the Beloved. Amazing poetry and amazing accuracy. No ambiguous words.
[9] Love and its longing are the fundamental destroyer of Mankind. We love to live and going through this life we cause ourselves and bodies damages that eventually brings us to our death. We love to eat and most of what we eat damages our bodies and we wither away. We love our people and things and we fight for them and sometimes we die from conflicts. But for the Sufi, that love that really destroys him is the love for the Creator. First it destroys “him self” by taking him away from the self. Second, it catapults him to the Beloved and his heart dies and nothing of self left except the Beloved. So Ansaari claims, Love and its longing are what cause a Sufi to die.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda