Nightly Conversations
No news (from outside world) finds sanctuary within the nightly conversations (between lover & Beloved); and these conversations undeniable part of the Mokashefah (uncovering the secrets while awake) [1]. But to converse nightly with the Beloved is the necessary perquisite for intimate devotion and removing the fear from the path (of Love) is the necessary perquisite for purity [2].  Because it prolongs the tale of passion and desires thus the repining commences due to being unwillingly parted and afar.
Facing the resplendent glory of Beloved (the lover) employs the artifice of destitute, (even worse) facing the sublime beauty of Beloved (the lover) turns to temper tantrums [3]. Thus the lover, empowered by these intimate exchanges, carries the unbearable burden of perception, ravenously gulps down the wine of sufferance and estrangement from Beloved.
In this state if the man conscious of the Self’s attributes, the perceptions occluded, and if the man (losing the Self) and subsists upon the attributes of the Beloved, shall succumb to the perceptions. (Can see the Beloved since Self defeated)
The Beloved converses by means of the attributes (Sifat) of the Essence and responds (to lover’s requests) by the attributes of actions (always behind the veil of Sifat). That which you (the lover) did not have courage to say aloud and disclosed (to people) secretly, lover sings beautifully for Beloved. [4]
In the beginning, man is perceptible and the secrets (Beloved) is imperceptible, at the end the man is imperceptible and the secrets (Beloved) perceptible.
I without my Self so fallen in love with You
But I have not become this way intentional
Since without I the secrets uncovered
Once I am hidden the secrets obvious

In depth of the night, what songs the Haitian Street Child sings for the Beloved? That which to you & I sounds like moans or wordless vapid stares of an abandoned black orphan, to Sultan of Love the Beloved Creator of Heavens and Earth however is the most beautiful song!
Truth about the Beloved is not between the pages of the scriptures or books, it is sung by the wordless solemn sough of the orphan, whose eyes the Beloved peers through for lovers…
Are you by this orphan singer? Then you are being viewed by the Beloved! Are you listening to this lowly street child? Then you have fallen in lofty love with Beloved.

[1] Have you noticed in the middle of the night you awaken all of a sudden due to no external noise and you wonder who is around you or what is going on? It is the Beloved who woke you up to converse with you. And in some occasions when you spoke with the Royal Highness nothing from the outside world could come between you, the lover, and the Beloved.
The Arabic word Mokashifah is when the Sufi uncovers secrets while awake and the Arabic word Ro’yaa is when the secrets are uncovered while in dreams.
[2] If truly a lover steps upon the path of love, most probably, he or she shall face some trials and tests that are afflicted by horrors and fears. The more the lover steps on this path the more falls in love with Beloved and thus the more afflictions. These nightly conversations between the lover and Beloved are a sure source of alleviations of the fears.
[3] My best understanding of this statement is that the lover is like a child facing the wisdom and the beauty of the Beloved. Lover acts spoiled and wants more like a child or make believe throes of tantrums. At any rate this is the state of the lover during these conversations. 
[4] Think of the most heinous thing within you. Something you dare even not mentioning to people. During these nightly conversations, if you are a true lover, you shall confess them to Beloved like a singer singing songs for his love. There is nothing neither ugly nor hidden between the lover and Beloved, if there is something then you are not a lover.

© 2004-2002,  Dara Shayda