Breeze of Creation 
My Lord!
A breeze blown from the gardens of loving
Our hearts we thus sacrificed.
Beingness we found amidst the treasures of loving
We staked the claim to monarchy upon the universe
A light aglow from the east of the Truth
We belittled the water and the soil [1]
And both worlds thence renounced.
Your glance upon us
Burning smoldering underneath that gaze
Behold us again and again…
Help this charred victim
Save this sunken soul
This victim wounded by the wine
Same wine the cure
Same wine the solace.

Our creation is subsequent, in order and importance, to the love from the Beloved Creator who first loved each and every one of us. And governed this love, as the law of the gravity governs every mass, the law of loving i.e. the broken heartedness a must for every soul!
Once loved by Beloved and our hearts a helpless offering for inescapable sacrifice, our creation commenced as the regal noble monarchy reining upon the universe.
Our bosoms a mirror, whereupon the light of the Truth reflecting illuminating the universe, whereas this world and the one after belittled in comparison.
What matters now and all that ever mattered is to be looked upon by the Beloved. My Love! Underneath Your gaze I shall be charred ashes yearning begging to burn ‘I’ again and again with Your effulgent ever-seeing eyes.
The wine of Your eternal and everlasting love, the affliction of a gashed wound and ‘I’ that slain fallen thirsting for the healing of the same wine and in this hour of absolute loneliness—moments prior to my death—console me one last time with that very wine…

[1] Our mortal life.

© 2004-2002,  Dara Shayda