Reflections of Peerless Men

Letter 149
My dear! Know that Prophethood and royalty are like twins. The angels are perpetually alongside the Prophet and devils alongside the kings. Awlia (Divine Patricians) are in contact & familiar with both angels & devils until they reach the rank of Faqr (Poverty) and Fanaa (Evanescence). After this level there are no angels or devils. This beatitude befalls someone that has escaped the vanity & conceit of worship & obedience. And this sun rises above the tower of Mahab-bat (Divine Love). Was-Salaam (Peace & Godspeed).
Faqr (Poverty) is when the person takes from this earth exactly the minimum that he needs and needs nothing—from anyone or anything—except the provision & support from Allah, both on the surface of his actions & speech as well as deep within his mind & heart. Fanaa (Evanescence) is the signature of grasping Tawhid (Divine Oneness), when the person accosts this Oneness less & less of his Self remains until nothing left other than the minimum required biological & psychological operations.
Pir Jamaal (Beautiful Old Sage) says that Awlia (Divine Patricians) the noble elite of the Divine Court amongst the human beings, are commingled with both angels and kings i.e. half a prophet half a king. But this is temporal, as soon as the Awlia (Divine Patricians) acquire the stages of Faqr (Poverty) and Fanaa (Evanescence), enough attributes of humanity has left them so that they are now firmly enveloped within Tawhid (Divine Oneness). In this stage there are no concepts of self-admiration or self-righteousness. 
Indeed prior to this rank, we are in the depth of the darkness of the night. Once Mahab-bat (Divine Love) is accumulated high like a tower in our hearts, then the sun of this resplendent rank shall rise above this towering Divine Love and our hearts lucent with Divine Light and all darkness evanesced forever.
Letter 150
Know that once Mahab-bat (Divine Love) casts a shadow upon the Salek (Traveler of the Divine Path), it becomes mandatory for Salek to nurture this love and facing no matter what trials & afflictions, not to lose this love and clasp at it hard.
If he does not appreciate this Divine Love and neglects nurturing it, then the devils shall whisper desires & lust within him. Consequently, he will become mean and suspicious, thus observing the faults—even non-existent ones—within his friends & loved ones (including the Lord). And this is the just reward for carelessness in nurturing Mahab-bat (Divine Love). Peace and blessings of Allah upon the illiterate Arab Prophet Mohammad.
Love is a responsibility, indeed a grave one. Love is not a bunch of emotions and funny feelings. It is an object from another universe, immensely complex which compels man to feel, say and do what normally he may not. It is the glue of the creation and it is the gravitational force that attracts us to each other.
Love needs to be nurtured and maintained. Pir Jamaal (Beautiful Old Sage) says neglect this love and much hate and heartache shall drown your senses.
Lovers, go back to your loved ones, stop this ceaseless chase for money and material, go attend to the heart of your loved one. Your parents, your mate, your child, your neighbors…
Lovers your suspicions and ill feelings towards people are false! Go to your loved ones before succumbing to your hate; attend to the Divine Love deep within your heart. Know that moment when you nurtured that love, your ill feelings towards people shall halt forever.

Letter 151
The distinguished & venerable ones in the realms of Zahir (Manifest) & Baten (Searchless & Hidden) know that once the Faqr (Poverty) & ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) united in presence of each other, pride & honor shall be transformed whilst facing the ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) such that the Faqir (Pauper) ‘Asheq (Unrestrained Lover)—in the eyes of the above said folk—become this world (Faqr) and the world after (‘Ishq). (Mendicancy the symbol of this life and love the symbol of the hereafter)
In that moment of reunion, Faqr (Poverty) opens the mouth of Qayrat (enviously wanting no other than Allah around) and from those lips songs of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) sang: “Whose will be the dominion that Day?" That of Allah, the One the Irresistible!” (Koran [40:16]) Due to this the gentleman of all Faqir (Paupers), the Mustafa (Chosen of Allah) Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him said, “Faqr (Poverty) is my pride”.
Until such time when the Salek (Traveler upon the Divine Path) truly understands the meaning of the verse, “So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief” and again “Verily, with every difficulty there is relief” (Koran [94:5-6]), he will not be able to reach the hereafter (Realm of Love) and shall never behold the unrivaled beauty of the Faqr (Poverty) (True way of living on this earth). Was-Salaam (Peace & Godspeed).
Jonaid said that Sufism has eight characteristics from eight prophets: generosity from Abraham, assent from Isaac, patience from Job, Ishaarat (Paradigm & Hinting) from Zechariah, estrangement from John, ruggedness from Moses, wandering from Jesus, and finally Faqr (Poverty) from Mohammad—Peace and blessings of Allah upon all of them collectively.
Sufism is Prophetic Atavism, throwback upon the simplicity and contentment of the daily life satisfied by a piece of bread, a cup of water and much smiles and affection, the way of life of Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.
Therefore Faqr (Poverty) is the epitome of this life and fervor of ‘Ishq (Unrestrained Love) the epitome of hereafter.
At the end of each & every hardship & affliction, there is the Divine Beloved awaiting our arrival, to fall in love by the gravitational force of the Divine Beauty, no matter what the hardship no matter what the cause or fault, loving the Beloved is the fruit of surviving the afflictions. 
Faqr (Poverty) was the pride of the Prophet because this mendicant begged no one but the Beloved Provider. Go beg for a paycheck or love or health or safety from other than Allah and you shall receive none but denial & betrayal endure the poverty & scantiness, place your trust solely upon the Beloved Trustee, therefore honor & glory shall rush their way towards you and that which you love shall be everlasting surviving the annihilation of this world and your loved ones eternal in hereafter. 

Background: A 14-year-old AIDS orphan in front of her windowless one room home showing us how she provides for her two siblings by taking in wash. She has been the head of her family since she was 12.
© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda