The Ocean  

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Nascence! Without which nothing can exist and no concept can form within our minds! Nascence is scribing of Basmala with the ink of time-space dyed with the pigments of particles, waves, events and so on.

Without further ado—The transience of this temporal universe has unnumbered comprehensions (Fahm) and yet endued with one Reality (Haqiqa): Nascence is the manifestation of Basmala.

Spoken but seldom—We are merely short-lived waves traversing the ocean of Basmala, waves tumbling upon one another, waves battering feral waves, yet all nothing but the shore-less ocean of Basmala.

An interminable misery—How can you tell the waves apart from the ocean? A transient moment a wave is discerned, next nascent moment nothing left but the very unconcerned ocean unchanged.

A lonely relic—It is ‘I’ that sometimes can tell apart the wave from the ocean, or discern a wave from another, thus go rush and cast a net into the immense ocean of Basmala to trap this trophy ‘I’ and hush your sobs when the wave of ‘I’ effuses through the empty net with fierce hurry—as happened to the first man and as shall happen to the last man.

A vacant stare—Gazing upon the waves or gazing upon the ocean, casting a net over the evermore waves or drowning within their foaming billows, dancing with vexation, you are most certainly gazing on at the ocean and nothing else.

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda