Special thanks to Cola Franzen who has showed me the path to beatitude by translating material from Farsi to English. Her enthusiasm, passion and encouragement have brought me to this point.  More thanks to her and members of ALTA in Cambridge who sat through editing some of the poems as if they were their own. Special thanks to her lovely husband Wolfgang Franzen for encouraging me via delicious vegetarian lasagna toped with memorable affection and care. 

Alfred Demirjian and David Rodal who made the server and Internet connection possible and it works so well. Special thanks for Nick Demirjian and Christy for providing a scanner. Special thanks to Soheil Laher for making the site searchable.

Special thanks to my greatest network engineer Soheil Ghaffari who bought me my first Farsi book to translate.

Beautiful Karen Daughn Isaccs who for real believes I am a poet!!!!! In spite of being such an impossible man…

Last but not least my loyal and dedicated book seller Mr. Baykzadeh who provided all the transcripts available through Pars Books 310-441-1015. Being an intellectual himself, he tolerates my untimely phone calls and strange demands.