Foaming Despair

Despair has broken our legs
In passionate pursuit of freedom
China’s dust touched not the shortness of
                Our Garment

In tears and toil, so accuse us of no joyful trotting
On dust trembling our feet, wishful
                Our path

Bubbles we are foaming, boiling
In the refinery of despair, and not much else
Except for the moans and sobs, broken hearts
                Our reward

No lost opportunity in our fields of conceit
Midst the rows of fire’s cavalry
The stocks of hay marching, waving
                Our flag

The dawn of existence like a face
Pushing through the gaping collar of non-existence
Lives evaporating like days boiling in
                Our Dusk

Living off our imperfection
Ask not: how perfect we are!
Love truly has filled the empty embrace of
                Our crescent

Each time the chest’s exhale blossoms
Indeed it is His Edict, drawing
This rope an entire life, endlessly Joseph out of
                Our well

Ignorance is bewitching designs of our awareness
But where are the minds to comprehend
Interrogating these two, attribute of
                Our Allah

Radiant rays of good fortune and mercy
Shine on all
There is no dervish, empty his hut from
                Our King

Round and round countless
Our compass running the circumference
Such as this, many foolish games in
                Our playground

Great contemplation, indeed to uncover
The secrets of non-existence
Close your eyes to existing world, to obtain
                Our awareness

Abandoning one’s self stepping upon candle of ourselves
Baydel forlorn gate of helplessness has opened in
                Our face
                Our way

Concept: Non-existence is a state, entirely a universe by itself. A Sufi not only seeks the hidden secrets of existence, he also seeks the secrets of non-existence. To them simply not-being, does not define non-existence. This peculiar state of universe is indeed filled with laws and secrets than can help to find the path.

A head pushing through a shirt’s collar is the visible existence; while the rest hidden under the shirt is the secrets of that hidden body which is of must-know value.

Ignorance is a peculiar design of our own consciousness. There is nothing, for real existing, called ignorance; it is our deliberate effort to be that certain manner which people have coined as ignorant.

Each time we breathe, broadcasts clearly a word from our creator or an edict to indicate prolonging the life but also a message to let us know we are being watched with love and attention.

Often when a human being is in state of total helplessness, it is the precise moment when a gate has opened to show him the way! But little we know thinking we are being humiliated.

Language: Trip to China in Farsi means a very long almost impossible trip however with great return on investment. Shortness of garment also means poverty, since those days only a wealthy man could afford a long robe due to serious shortage of textile manufacturing.

Circular movements of compass i.e. the device with two pen-like sharpened tips used to draw circles, in Farsi is used to indicate wasteful action, which bears no fruit.

Stepping on candle indicating the ease to crush and obliterate something.


© 2003-2002,  By Dariush Gholizadeh