Dhan-nun’s Soliloquies   
The Book of Essences
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I ask You by calling upon the Divine Name that originated the wondrous creations within the impenetrable depth of abstruse & recondite Divine Knowledge;
The bewildering grandeur of The Momentous Glory of Your Beauteous Face, words composing the species’ book of essences;
The angels fell in prostration awe stricken in reverence & veneration fearing You (thus):
I ask You to place us amongst those whose souls waft aloft and their hearts endeavored subjugating the feral desires until fraternizing midst the verdant meadows harvesting the fruits of acquiescence whilst drinking the brimming goblets of Divine Love, plunging in hadal waves of delights seeking sanctuary at the palatial courtyard of Your Noble Munificence.
My Lord place us amongst those who drank from the goblet of purity, those who are the beneficiaries inheriting the patience to endure the prolonged afflictions, until their hearts neared the Divine Dominion thus roaming between the secret thrones of Omnipotence, in repose their souls underneath the cool breezy shade, fraternizing amongst the yearners, enjoying the vernal meadows—the nobility’s searchless mine and the eternity’s merry courtyard.
(Source: Helyatol Auli

Read in the Name of your Lord; Who has created (all that exists)” (Koran [96:1-2]). Read the open book of life, destinies, humanity, atrocities, blessings and torments that are in front of you. But you cannot read! Unless you read or until you learn how to read in the Name of That Beloved Creator, whose Beauteous Divine Face looked upon everything and within their essences you may behold remnants of ITs incommensurable beauty. Once IT glances at some object, the object’s beauty is but assured and thus eternal, though the object may wither yet its Divine Beauty indestructible.
Read the glitter of the Divine Words upon the sable of the South Sudanese child. Thirst, like unto him, and read the unread book of a destiny not chosen by the child nor by the parents, read the effervescence of the wine of Love poured within the goblet of the child’s soul and behold the shimmering iridescence of the Divine Light behind the veil of the muddy waterhole, the effulgence of a Face staring at you reading the words in ITs Name:
Sieving the objectification from the object
The glimmer of the Divine Beauty lucent
© 2004-2002,  Dara O. Shayda