Moon’s Saddle
When love pulls the life towards the Beloved
Enslaves the mind bound under Its ruling [1]
Even in many lifetimes cannot describe how
Life endures for Beloved much suffering [2]
Just as It drew a line around the moon [3]
Heart’s pen on pages of life drawing
Moon’s orbit saddled carrying the light [4]
Out from the roots thirty-two teeth pulling
Our blind hearts once beholding Your face
Like the staff parting the Nile, shocking [5]
No mountain bears the deep jewels of Your words [6]
The lustrous sun by Your blade, slaughtering
My eyes drowned in this thirst unquenched
Like the water out of a well, ropes pulling
You have left our affairs unsettled
My Self humiliated and melancholy, Forsaking
Why is it when an object falls upon this earth and smashed to pieces, we suspect the force of gravity, pulling towards the huge mass of this plant… But when we are fallen by the calamities and miserable suffering of this life, we see not the gravity of love pulling us towards the comely unbound beauty of Beloved?
Man confuses the blight of the life of this planet with the punishment of Allah. Slightest hardship means to him and those staring at his misfortune, wrath of God.
On the pages of life, your heart is writing many words, which we call pain or heartache while in our eyes and others’ these are meaningless scribbles. But to Sufis like Faryaabi they are writings explaining the gravitational force dragging us, willing or unwilling, towards a mighty verdant beauty, where our tears are the pollen for its blossoms.
Lovers read! Read the book of your past life, read and read now before its too late. You read the poems of these dead Sufis to know about Beloved, then why forsaking the reading of the love poems by the ever-living ever-loving life-giving comforter the Cretor who authored the book of your life?
The Haitian woman in the picture was pulled out of the fire by the gravity of the Beloved. Not having anything but her cloth, no man, no children, no food and not clear making it through the nightly crimes now that her home is gone, she is in a free fall. Falling with no will, free of her mind, which is giving her such hard time, towards the Beloved. And lovers if you where there with her in 1987, you would have seen the Beloved. Look for Beloved where your eyes can see It, not where you like to see It.
[1] Human mind is designed for him to understand the affairs of daily matters on this planet and surrounding space. Human mind is not well suited to comprehend the Beloved from the point of view of analytical thinking. When you are pulled towards the Beloved by the good or evil of this life, your mind succumbs to this gravitation. If your mind is not bound by this pulling of love, then you misinterpret the events of life. Pain and heartache are signs or hints for you to let go of your mind. There is pain as long as your mind controls your affairs. As soon as mind succumbs to love, then all pain evaporates and gushes towards you the torrents, blossomy beauty of the Beloved. For best reading take a look at Ansaari just click on this sentence...
[2] Try not to explain why things happened because even if there is an explanation you need many many lifetimes to explain and comprehend the happenings surrounding you. Give up explaining! Just fall in love with Beloved mind-less & drunken.
[3] “Drawing lines” in Farsi means to break heart, annoy or threaten to take revenge. First Beloved drew the line of darkness of space around the moon’s circumference thus the metaphor for suffering and heartache of moon being limited by darkness. Same manner, the heart scribbles on the pages of life.
[4] “Pulling tooth” to mean endurance and patience under calamities. As the orbit is saddled for the massive moon to ride, it suffers in order to have its light. Same way for us, the suffering goes beyond pulling our 32 teeth i.e. our light is carried while we suffer.
[5] Referencing to Prophet Moses’s PBUH staff that parted the Nile, by Allah’s permission. The same shock if we were there to watch that event… when one day we stare upon Its face.
[6] Allah asked if mountains could bear Its words and they shunned away scared. The same meaning Faryaabi conveys by saying that there are no jewels of Beloved’s words burried in the mountains to indicated the above and the preciousness:

"Had We sent down this Qur'an on a mountain, verily, thou wouldst have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder for fear of Allah. Such are the similitudes which We propound to men, that they may reflect."

Background: Haitian woman survival of a fire 1978 by Phil Parmet.

© 2003-2002,  Dara Shayda