Forever ‘I’ 

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My true confession this day: I shall be ‘I’ forever
                                                  My Love
Eternally, not a moment less or more, without You
                                                  My Love

I shall be ‘I’ and You are You continual for sure
All that is beautiful with You and ugliness for ‘I’
                                                  My Love

Though You just said: you have Me and none else
Tell me how to win You for I have lost everything
                                                  My Love

Your Face veiled by the shimmering silk of my lies
And so far when I arrived there found You here so close
                                                  My Love
Dara dipt the quill in tears writing for no eyes to read
This invisible ink of sorrows legible only for You
                                                  My Love

If there is no goodness in someone’s death, no goodness for him in his life” said the Prophet [1]. Drive through meandering streets of life by looking at the back-view mirror of your death; see within this moment how you died so the next moment you may see the Path better.

And remember on this back-view mirror is written: Objects are closer than they appear! Your death is much closer and if you actually squint and look carefully shall see: you ‘first’ died, though presently enjoying the transience of living in order to see ‘how’ you died.

You shall never fit within the expanse of this earth and again you shall never satiate the desires and indeed the fallacious hope and desires are the telescope for magnifying this unsatisfactory life seen from afar: “When Allah created Adam and his offspring the angles said: Earth would not be large enough for them, and Allah responded: I am creating the death and the angels said: In that case their subsistence would not delight them (wont be enough pleasure) and Allah said: I am creating ‘expectations’” narrated the Prophet [2].

Drop the telescope of expectations for that instrument shall never enlarge this earth and its temporal pleasures thereof. My love! If you cannot drop the telescope then close your eyes. There is nothing to see anyhow. Close your eyes and momentarily you will see how you died.

And when with certainty you behold that final moment without the cessation of your physiologies, and when your eyes view without seeing, the path resplendent laid circular in front of you. The Path was never from ‘here’ to ‘there’, The Path had two primordial points i.e. the 'beginning' and the 'end' and now you can view the Haqiqa (Reality) of these 'two' points: They were always one and the same, except when you opened your eyes and whereby they became infinitely far. 

Build for (its) destruction, be born for (your) evanescence” said his Lord to Adam when he was sent down to earth—Hadith (Prophetic Narration) [3].

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© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda