I Evanesce

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Within the impassable darkness of Your Absence
                                                       I evanesce
Underneath the beauteous shafts of Your Light
                                                       I evanesce

And when midst the meadows of convictions said:
                                                       I love you   
Inexorably entangled within the briers of Your Loss           
                                                       I evanesce

And when gulping down the mirage of loving you
                                                       I fell in love
A minnow upon the dunes of Your Remembrance
                                                       I evanesce

How many more times shouting your name and
                                                       I said nothing
A fading echo bouncing between ‘I’ and Your Love
                                                       I evanesce

Why must I live any longer believing all your lies:
                                                       I’ll be loyal
A liar crushed underneath the millstone of Your Truth
                                                       I evanesce

Lets forever pretend that we forgot each other and
                                                       I’ll move on
A mirror shattered upon the marble of Your Beauty
                                                       I evanesce

Background: Abandoned children in streets of Port-Au-Prince. We can forget, forgive, and ignore but the Allah for these children is the same Allah for every Murid (Seeker). 

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda