The Hawk 

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When in the sea of Oneness
drown deeply
                                                    Beatitude all that is
And when standing upon the shores safely
                                                    Melancholy all that is

When in dark dungeons of I-ness left in-situ
And since disrobed the gown of human-ness  [1]
                                                    Effulgent all that is

How can a hawk soar with both wings broken?
And yet the innate essence of “Who I am”
                                                    A bird all that is

Dara there is no tomorrow as was no yesterday
Thus wear the goggles of timelessness since
                                                    Sempiternal all that is
                                                    (Azali all that is)

Christella carried a bag of tiny corns half a mile or so under the blazing sun of Haiti—hungry herself wearing no good shoes through the treacherous stony walkways—a gift from her bedridden handicap mother for me. In hunger stricken rural areas of Haiti this bag is a treasure to be cherished.

When she opened the bag, I could not see any longer...

When she came 'I' opened the door and when she left there was 'no one' to close the door…

My Love where are You that I can no longer see
Send my death or the mercy so I may leave Haiti

[1] The 'I-ness' or Arabic Al-Anāniah is a term roughly means Self-Importance or Persona or Ego. According to Sheikh Sahrawardi founder of the Philosophy of Ishrāq (Illuminism) Al-Anāniah is a Singleton Divine Light shining upon the universe and human beings, a Self-Understander (Mudrek) Light conscious of itself, forming some kind of consciousness about one’s Self or one’s own existence. (Source Sajjadi’s Sufi Terminologies)

© 2005-2002,  Dara O.  Shayda