For a moment

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When turned my eyes away from You sadly
                                          For just a moment
Saw the torment of my Self unbearable even
                                          For just a moment

Upon the shores of sea of Oneness wandering by my Self
Seashells of Your Remembrance against my ears
                                          For just a moment  

Singing the ‘Alastu’ songs of the brave sailors long gone
The tattoo of Your Obeisance upon my forehead [1]
                                          For just a moment

Shipwrecked Dara braving the vexed waves of darkness
Moveless lips begged: Drown me in Your Torrential Rays
                                          For just a moment  

[1] ‘Alastu’ is an Arabic Sufi code-word that means ‘Aren’t I’ referring to the Qur’anic verse: Aren’t I your Lord? (Alastu Beh Rab-bekum). Indeed a momentous question asked by Allah from the entire humanity prior to their biological genesis. Currently you are buoy within the amnesia of Alastu i.e. you cannot remember that moment, prior to your creation, when in abeyance you saw Allah and answered positive to the question posed. Searching within to find the spiritual memory of that difficult & momentous moment is the goal and the desire of every Sufi i.e. the shipwrecked sailors who braved the tumultuous waves of the sea of Oneness in search of that moment and if they ever looked back saw only the shards of their shattered Self…

© 2005-2002,  Dara O. Shayda